11/26 WWE SURVIVOR SERIES 2022 KICKOFF SHOW REPORT: Final War Games hype, more


NOVEMBER 26, 2022
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Kickoff Panel: Kayla Braxton, Jerry Lawler, Booker T, Kevin Patrick, Peter Rosenberg

Kayla reminded us of Becky Lynch’s return on Smackdown last night. Lawler said he became a bigger fan of Michael Cole for calling Rhea Ripley a “sick witch,” and added that Michael knows a thing or two about witches since his wife has a bumper sticker that reads “My other car is a broom.” Peter suggested that the addition of Lynch brings a much-needed layer of toughness to counter the strength of Ripley. Kevin commented on the “completeness” of Ripley’s team.

Video package: Rollins (c) vs. Lashley vs. Theory (United States Championship triple threat match)

Kayla asked Booker if tonight is the time where Theory will prove himself as a serious competitor. Booker said Theory is special and talented. Peter said that Theory may be the future of this company, but the x-factor of the match is Lashley, and that nobody can physically stop Lashley if he is committed to victory. Lawler said that Lashley will “knock you into next week, then whip your ass for leaving.” Booker described Rollins and Lashley as “made men,” and that Theory needs to win tonight to show that he is “the now.”

Video package: Sheamus spotlight

Video package: Rousey (c) vs. Shotzi (SmackDown Women’s Championship)

Megan Morant was backstage with Baszler and Rousey. Rousey said Racquel Gonzalez faced the consequences of her own actions last night on SmackDown where Rousey broke her arm. Rousey wasn’t impressed with Shotzi claiming tonight’s match is “personal.” Baszler and Rousey began discussing different ways for Rousey to disable Shotzi tonight.

Booker said he’s been around Shotzi since 2016’s Tough Enough. He said she is a grinder, and her even being here tonight to face Rousey tells him everything he needs to know about her. Kayla said she spoke with Shotzi today, and that she was “emotional, but prepared.”

Video package: Styles vs. Balor

Peter said he identifies with Finn, “as two guys with perfect physiques.” He said these guys can both go, and he can’t wait to see them. Lawler said this is deeply personal, about two best friends who now hate each other.

Video package: Dominik Mysterio kicking the shit out his old man in his own house

Lawler said that Ripley has made a man out of Dominik Mysterio, and that Rey only had kids so he could have someone to look up to. Peter said that Dominik is his own man, and the blame shouldn’t be placed on Ripley. Booker walked up to, but did not cross, a line while describing the effect that a “bad girl” can have on a young man.

Video package: Charlotte Flair spotlight

Kayla said the Bloodline have something to worry about for the first time in their WarGames match tonight. Kevin said the Brutes all have axes to grind. Peter said he’s still not going to bet against the familial strength of the Bloodline. Booker said the Brutes have the advantage due to the nature of the WarGames match. Lawler said that Sami Zayn has the job security of a Twitter employee. The panel brought up Paul Heyman’s role with the Bloodline, and Lawler said that Heyman hates losing so much that he won’t even lose weight. Booker compared the Bloodline to the Brawling Brutes: “On one side you have caviar dreams and champagne wishes. On the other side you have guys that live on Waffle House steaks. Who are you going with?”

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