2 Tribal Men In Gujarat Make ‘Anti-Clockwise’ Wristwatch: Know All About ‘Adivasi Ghadi’ Culture

In an exciting move, two tribal men in Gujarat have created a wristwatch whose hands run anticlockwise motion. The watch was launched on Tuesday by Congress MLA Anant Patel at the Circuit House in Navsari.

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The watch will also be on sale and displayed at the Adivasi Ekta Parishad, the three-day event for tribals to be held in Chhota Udepur’s Kavant from January 13 to 15.

The “tribal watch” was manufactured by social activist Pradip Patel alias Pintoo (32), a resident of Dolvan taluka of Tapi, and his friend Bharat Patel (30), Indian Express reported.

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Inspired by an old clock 

Two years ago, Pintoo was struck with the idea of making the anticlockwise running watch after visiting one of his friends’ houses.

“At my friend Vijaybhai Chaudhary’s house, I saw an old clock which runs in anticlockwise direction. When I asked about it, he told me that nature’s cycles and its movements work from right to left in anticlockwise direction,” Pintoo said.

Inspired by the discovery, Pintoo started working on the concept with Bharat Patel, who works in a wristwatch shop. 

After months of research and hard work, they manufactured the wristwatch in December, which has hour, minute and seconds hands running in an anticlockwise direction.

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Since then, Pintoo and Bharat have manufactured around 1,000 wristwatches.

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“We made new models with a photo of a tribal man and a caption ‘Jay Adivasi’. We named this watch as ‘tribal watch’. It runs in harmony with nature… All planets revolve around the sun from right-to-left direction (anticlockwise). Even movements in group dances of tribals are from right to left. We tribals perform all the rituals from right to left,” Patel added.

Tradition of reverse clocks in Gujarat

The trend of reverse clocks in Gujarat is not new, as it is based on various beliefs in tribal cultures.

In 2018, the Times Of India reported that tribal homes in central and south Gujarat were picking up on anticlockwise clocks where hands move in the anticlockwise direction. Lalsing Gamit, a 40-year-old tribal activist in Valod village of Tapi district, made ‘adivasi ghadis’, quickly gaining popularity among tribals. 

Why these clocks move backwards

As per another TOI report, many tribals in Dahod, Panchmahal and Tapi have clocks where the hands move backwards.

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Different people have different beliefs about this non-conventional clock.

While some say that this clock symbolizes the law of nature as tribals worship it, some in Dahod say that earth’s destruction is guaranteed and as these hands of clock move backwards, that moment is also nearing. 

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