Three More Superstars Released From World Wrestling Entertainment

In addition to the release of developmental diva Angel Williams, World Wrestling Entertainment announced this afternoon that they have let go ECW Diva Ariel, Scotty Too Hotty, and former Spirit Squad member “Nicky” Nick Mitchell. Below is the official statement from WWE has come to terms on the release of Ariel, Scotty 2 HottyRead moreRead more

Jim Ross Comments On His Status With WWE & The Women's Division

Jim Ross has posted an all new blog. Here are a few highlights, but you can read the entire thing here. Marilyn- Should the WWE “give up” on women’s matches? Not in my opinion, and for the record, you just caused my pal, TV’s “Uncle Jerry” The King Lawler to faint. The Divas do sellRead moreRead more

Too Cold Scorpio's Release, Hogan Poses With Athletes, OVW Girls In WWE Video

The recently released Too Cold Scorpio appeared on the ‘Monday Night Mayhem’ online radio show on Monday night. When asked about why he was released from WWE, he said that The “powers-that-be” thought that he was not up to par, not quite in shape, and that with all the writing in the company, he wouldRead moreRead more

Future Plans For Snitsky, Behind-The-Scenes Draft News, HHH & HBK

source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter There had been talk for some time of moving Snitsky from ECW to Raw, so this move was no surprise. They wanted to move him to the bigger show because you can only get over on ECW to a certain degree, and they thought the time was now to make theRead moreRead more

WWE Pulls All Chris Benoit Merchandise From ShopZone Web Site

Source: WWE has pulled all Chris Benoit merchandise from their Shopzone web site. Obviously this was done in reaction to the recent news regarding the Benoit family tragedy. If you search Benoit’s name on the web site, the result that you get is that the products have been “discontinued.” Benoit’s name has been soRead moreRead more

Hogan Talks About Benoit – Says Nancy Worshiped The Devil

Source: US Weekly Hulk Hogan was interviewed this week by popular entertainment magazine US Weekly. Hogan said he was shocked when he heard about the Benoit family tragedy. Hulk Hogan, who last saw Benoit in March, said “He was peaceful and kept to himself”. When asked about what he thinks pushed Benoit over the edge,Read moreRead more

Rey Mysterio In World Title Feud, WWE Star Returns, Rhodes, More

Source: – Dusty Rhodes promoted a charity motorcycle ride over the weekend in Florida. Rhodes helped raise over $11,000.00 for the Tampa Shriners Hospital for Children. – Sylvan Grenier is back with WWE and is down in Louisville, Kentucky training in Ohio Valley Wrestling. – Cody Rhodes dropped the OVW TV title over theRead moreRead more

Rene Dupree Released From WWE Due To Drug Related Problems?

Source: WWE announced yesterday that they have come to terms with the release of Rene Dupree. According to Bob Ryder of, Dupree could be a casualty of the WWE Wellness Program. At least one source within WWE is reporting that Dupree recently completed a 60 day drug rehabilitation treatment program. It has beenRead moreRead more

Potential Spoiler On The Identity Of McMahon's Illegitimate Child

Source: Incase you are wondering if the Vince McMahon “illegitimate child” angle still involves Ken Kennedy, that was the plan going into the storyline, but is always subject to change. Before the Vince McMahon “death” angle, the plan was for Ken Kennedy to somehow align himself with McMahon and give him a monster pushRead moreRead more

Marcus Cor Von's Absence, Ashley Gets Top Billing, Stevie Richards' Push

sources: Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Wrestling Observer, — Marcus Cor Von is currently on a leave of absence from WWE. There was a family situation where he was forced to take care of his nieces and nephews due to problems within the family with his sister not being able to do so. He hasn’t appearedRead moreRead more