AEW Dynamite live results: Moxley vs. Omega cage match

Jon Moxley battles Kenny Omega in a steel cage on tonight's AEW Dynamite. 

The feud between Moxley's Blackpool Combat Club and Omega's The Elite reaches a new apex with tonight's steel cage bout. 

The International Championship is on the line tonight as well, with Orange Cassidy set to defend against Daniel Garcia of the Jericho Appreciation Society. 

ROH World Champion Claudio Castagnoli faces ROH World Tag Team Champion Rey Fenix in a "double jeopardy" match, where the winner receives a shot at the loser's title. 

The World Trios Championship will be defended in a House Rules match, with House of Black facing Bandido & Best Friends. House Rules include no rope breaks, 20-count countouts, DQs enforced, and Best Friends & Bandido may choose the last rule. 

Anna Jay will face Julia Hart in a no holds barred contest. 

Promos from FTR, as well as Christian Cage are also set for the show. 

Our live coverage begins at 8 p.m. Eastern time. 


AEW Dynamite comes on the air with Excalibur welcoming us alongside Tony Schiavone and Taz, as we immediately go to our opening contest with both men already in the ring.

Claudio Castagnoli defeated Rey Fenix (w/Alex Abrahantes) in a Double Jeopardy Match

(With this win, Castagnoli will get a ROH Tag Team Title match with a partner of his choosing against the Lucha Bros. This was a spectacular opening contest, one of the strongest in Dynamite’s history in my opinion. These two worked incredibly well together and that should surprise no one.)

Fenix used his speed in the early going but was ultimately caught with a Castagnoli tilt a whirl back breaker. Fenix fought out of the corner with a triple jump hurricanrana that sent Castagnoli to the floor where he was met with two Topes, but was caught on the third, as Castagnoli pressed Fenix down onto the barricade. While in a suplex position, Castagnoli tried walking up the steps, but fell back and Fenix walked the barricade railing into a spectacular hurricanrana. Back in the ring, Castagnoli dropping a charging Fenix with a DVD for two, as Bryan Danielson & Wheeler Yuta were shown watching backstage. In a fireman’s carry position, Castagnoli tried to press Fenix over his head on the second rope, but Fenix countered into another hurricanrana. Castagnoli avoided a Code Red and turned Fenix inside out with a lariat for two. Fenix was pressed over Castagnoli’s head and launched into the crowd as we went to picture in picture.

Fenix tried going to the ropes, but Castagnoli gut wrenched him out of the corner to the mat. Castagnoli ducked a bounce back kick, but ate the follow through thrust kick and roll through stunner. Fenix hit a double jump moonsault out of the corner to the floor, as back inside, Castagnoli caught a flying Fenix with an uppercut. Fenix answered by countering a Ricola Bomb into a Code Red. Another thrust kick flattened Castagnoli, who responded with a Alpamare Waterslide and Ricola Bomb for the victory

-Backstage we see a returning Miro walking and stopped by Renee Paquette, who asked why he is here. Miro just stared at her before walking into Tony Khan’s office.

-A video package on the Four Pillars AEW Title match at Double or Nothing is shown with MJF talking about how he’ll have the most longevity out of all of the pillars, as his reign of terror has just begun.


-A video package highlighting the history of the Jon Moxley & Kenny Omega feud is briefly recapped ahead of their Cage Match main event tonight.

FTR came to the ring and immediately invited out their best friend Mark Briscoe, but instead got Jeff Jarrett, Jay Lethal, Sonjay Dutt & Satnam Singh. Dutt demand an answer to their Double or Nothing challenge from last week. Harwood accepts the challenge if they admit to using Mark Briscoe to get to them. Dutt denied things, as Mark Briscoe walked out from the back to a huge reaction, telling everyone to relax. Briscoe said Tony Khan gave him some news and that’s Briscoe is the special guest referee for the Tag Title match at Double or Nothing. Briscoe passed out cups to have a toast, but Dutt misted tequila into the eyes of Harwood. Briscoe tried to keep the peace when a blinded Harwood grabbed Briscoe and hit a piledriver. Lethal & company bailed as FTR attended to Briscoe.

-Renee Paquette is backstage with Chris Jericho, as she asks how he’s doing after Adam Cole got the best of him last week. Jericho said Cole created an unsafe work environment and has a court order saying if Jericho is in the arena, Cole is banned. Roderick Strong walked in and called Jericho delusional. Strong challenges Jericho to a Falls Count Anywhere fight, which Jericho accepts for next week. Jericho tells him to be careful what he wishes for, since he has an army. Strong handed Jericho a document saying the J.A.S. are also banned from the arena next week.

-Excalibur talks about Miro showing up earlier and going into Tony Khan’s office, as they throw it right back to Renee Paquette waiting for answers outside his office when Thunder Rosa shows up. Rosa says tonight’s the night to get answers and goes into Khan’s office as well.


-A video package on Sammy Guevara is shown saying he’s one of the pillars that shouldn’t have been. Chris Jericho said he brought in Guevara not to be a sidekick, but to be a star. Tay Conti mentioned the main event is where he belongs, being born to do this. Guevara said to any kid out there who has a dream, it could come true. This absolutely came off as if Guevara was a babyface.

-Tony Khan is backstage saying how tonight is one of the strongest Dynamite cards they’ve had, but even with that, there are still so many talented wrestlers backstage that can provide content. Khan said next week there will be a huge announcement and I think it’s safe to assume that’s most likely the talk of AEW Collision on Saturday’s.

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Orange Cassidy defeated Daniel Garcia to retain the International Title

(Another excellent title defense for Orange Cassidy, who continues surviving, as this week Garcia picked apart the hand, back and leg. It wasn’t enough, as Cassidy was able to get another win under his belt. You could tell that eventually Cassidy's luck will run out, just a matter of when and against whom.)

Cassidy caught Garcia off guard to begin with mat wrestling, as Garcia countered and did a little dance for the crowd. After a back and forth, Garcia tried a drop toe hold, but Cassidy blocked and strutted away before delivering his signature pocket offense. Garcia gained control by targeting the documented injured hand of Cassidy. Garcia launched Cassidy to the corner and to the floor with a back suplex on the edge of the ring as well as the barricade. Garcia zoned in on the back during picture in picture, even mocking the pocket pose and flipping the crowd off.

Cassidy blocked a superplex initially, but Garcia hit at the bad hand, connected with the move, rolled through, only for Cassidy to deliver a Stundog Millionaire. Garcia responded with a dragon screw, but Cassidy avoided a Sharpshooter and we got a slugfest, with Cassidy resorting to forearms. Garcia trapped Cassidy’s hands in his pockets and tried a piledriver, only for Cassidy to get a Beach Break variation for two. Garcia avoided Orange Punch with a low dropkick, as little kicks from Garcia mocked Cassidy, who followed with a snap piledriver. Cassidy fired off a strike and another Beach Break, but Garcia kicked out and locked in the Dragon Tamer. Cassidy almost got a fish hook to escape, but Garcia transitioned into a Crossface, stomping on the bad hand repeatedly. Garcia went to reposition, but ended up trading pin attempts with Cassidy, who got the crucifix for the flash pin.

-A video package of the returning Hikaru Shida is shown from last week. The Outcasts mock how Shida is back in Japan this week, as they issue the 6 woman tag for next week, which Britt Baker & Jamie Hayter accept.

Christian Cage addresses Wardlow and the TNT Title

Christian Cage came to the ring with Luchasaurus, as Tony Schiavone talks to him about challenging Wardlow last week. Cage quickly insults the crowd and that got him booed mercilessly as he calls himself the number one contender for the TNT Title. Cage asks why there are so many daddy issues in AEW? Cage talked about Wardlow’s father, but said he wasn’t famous, so he’s not wasting his breath. Cage said Wardlow found a father figure in Arn Anderson, who was looking for a son himself. That line didn’t get nearly the amount of heat as it should’ve since Cage was already being booed loudly. Cage said he was talking about Brock Anderson, who Arn threw to the side for Wardlow and take all the credit. Cage called him the sidekick to Ric Flair and said Tully Blanchard did all the work in their team. The crowd is so loud that you can barely hear Cage run down Wardlow and how he’s going to take the TNT Title next week.

-We go to a video package on Darby Allin, who is at his house training by skateboarding and riding an ATV, since he said his wrestling style is reckless. Allin said to be World Champion in AEW means he could give back to what wrestling has given him. We hear from Sting saying Allin got into wrestling similar to why he did. Allin said he’s going to Double or Nothing to become AEW World Champion.

Julia Hart defeated Anna Jay in a No Holds Barred Match

(I have to give huge credit to both of these ladies, who beat the absolute crap out of each other during this entire match. This was a fun weapons filled battle, as Julia Hart gets easily the biggest win in her career up to this point.)

During Hart’s entrance, Jay ran out and clocked her in the back with a chair. Hart quickly turned the tables on the floor and sent Jay into the barricade repeatedly. After a few kendo stick shots by Hart, Jay was able to battle back with a snap suplex on the floor. Hart posted Jay before she was able to use the kendo stick herself. Hart smacked Jay’s face repeatedly on the ring attendant table, controlling most of the action during commercial.

Each woman tried setting up weapons, but had it backfire, as Jay was rammed into a corner chair, while Hart slammed face first into a stack of chairs outside. Jay placed a trash can over Hart in the corner and sandwiched her. Hart was down for a while as Jay piled up a bunch of chairs in the ring. Hart spun out of a brainbuster, fought to the corner and hit a superplex, which luckily Jay missed almost entirely. Hart sank in Hartless while in the chairs and got Jay to submit.

-Renee Paquette is backstage with Best Friends, Bandido and an injured Orange Cassidy who said he thinks there’s room for three more titles in his backpack. Paquette asked what their stipulation is for this House Rules match, which caught Best Friends off guard, so Trent just said no spooky witches ringside, referring to Julia Hart, who I assume after that weapons match, wasn’t going to be out there anyway. Best Friends & Bandido walked out to the ring, as Cassidy said he’s exhausted, as Paquette agreed she was as well. I don’t blame her; it feels like she’s done about 14 different backstage segments so far tonight.


The House of Black (Malakai Black, Brody King & Buddy Matthews) defeated Best Amigos (Chuck Taylor, Trent Beretta & Bandido) in an Open House Match to defend the AEW Trios Titles

(I liked the little things that went into making this match feel different. The rules might need a little work, as I’m not sure “No Spooky Witches” is a very good stipulation for your first Open House Match, but it’s Best Friends, so I get it. Over time they’ll work that out, as I enjoyed how this was shot and it was action packed for the time it went.)

There are lights flickering on the entrance tron, as the crowd is dimly lit, with a spotlight in the ring at the request of the House of Black. Bandido & Black had a nice back and forth strike exchange to start until Black sank in a leg lock. Bandido tried a rope break, but there are no rope breaks in House Rules matches. Bandido rolled to the floor, as Beretta & Taylor momentarily took control of Black, who tagged King, as he steamrolled everyone into commercial.

Beretta was able to battle back with a nice Tornado DDT and thrust kick on Matthews for two. Orange Cassidy is shown watching backstage, as Beretta avoided a Curb Stomp and hit a double stomp counter. Bandido made the hot tag with a Tornillo onto Matthews and Crucifix Bomber on King. Bandido wiped out both Matthews & King on the floor with a dive, as back inside, Bandido tried another springboard on Matthews, who flattened him in mid air with a V-Trigger. Taylor made the tag, dropped Matthews with Sole Food, but King made the tag as both he & Matthews flattened Taylor with Dante’s Inferno to retain the titles.

Backstage we see Orange Cassidy laid out at the feet of someone, who is revealed to be Aussie Open’s Kyle Fletcher, who is safe to assume is next in line for the International Title.

-The fourth Pillar highlight video is shown tonight showcasing Jungle Boy Jack Perry who said he’s living out the dream he’s had as a kid. Christian Cage said if Perry can get his head out of his own ass, he can win the AEW Title, as there was a reason he aligned himself with that Pillar of AEW. Perry said MJF wrestles four times a year, while Perry is devoted to becoming the best wrestler in the world by putting time in the ring. Perry said Double or Nothing will be spectacular. These video packages on the competitors of the Pillars Four Way were very well done tonight.


Jon Moxley defeated Kenny Omega (w/Don Callis) in a Steel Cage Match

(This was another incredibly violent chapter in one of AEW’s longest rivalries, with the finish being a huge turn. When Omega said last week in his promo with Callis that everything would come to an end, I think Callis knew that to be true, just not how Omega would’ve liked.)

Omega & Moxley brawled on the stage to start as Bryan Danielson has joined commentary for this main event. Claudio Castagnoli & Wheeler Yuta attacked Omega ringside, but The Young Bucks ran out and fought off both BCC members with Nick Jackson doing a sprinting dive off the stage onto Yuta & Castagnoli. Omega & Moxley entered the cage and it officially began with a slugfest. Omega won that battle and hit You Can’t Escape for two. Omega dug under the ring and pulled out a barbed wire wrapped steel chair, chucking it at Moxley. Omega draped the chair on the back and connected with a gnarly double stomp. Jon Moxley is bleeding for those keeping score, as he drove Omega into the camera man and gave a kiss to the camera.

Moxley launched Omega spine first into the cage and got his revenge with a barbed wire chair shot to the back, as Danielson smiled from the broadcast table. Omega responded with a Kotaro Crusher and bodyslam onto the chair. Moxley delivered an answer of his own, with a superplex to Omega on the chair. Moxley unscrewed a corner turnbuckle and used the steel to wrench at the mouth of Omega. You can safely assume what the crowd chanted at Moxley for that one. Moxley choked away with the turnbuckle rope.

Moxley grabbed a bag of broken glass and took too much time to spread it out, as Omega hit a neckbreaker. Omega tried One Winged Angel on the glass, but Moxley locked in a rear naked choke. Omega took a few steps forward and fell back, driving Moxley onto the glass. Moxley rose from the dead and sank the choke in again, even with glass in his back. Omega rolled through a Gotch Style Piledriver attempt into a charging knee for the double down as the crowd is on fire. Both men rose to their feet with another striking battle until Omega hit multiple pumping knees into a Snap Dragon. Omega charged and hit a V-Trigger on Moxley so hard that both men went through the cage, as Moxley landed outside with Omega’s leg trapped between the ring & cage in an insane looking moment.

Moxley recovered first and grabbed a screwdriver ringside, as he stalked down Omega with it, but Don Callis made the save, grabbing the screwdriver from Moxley. Omega hit a One Winged Angel, but as the three was about to be counted, Callis attacked Omega with the screwdriver to the shock of the crowd. Moxley draped an arm over Omega and won the match. Callis had a smile on his face, with Excalibur saying Callis treated Omega like a son. Danielson said he had no idea this was going to happen, as Omega slowly got to his knees, Callis was going to give one final shot with the screwdriver, but thought otherwise, whispered something to Omega, kissed him on the cheek and threw him down. The show ended with Callis walking off, Moxley standing tall and Omega left bleeding.

AEW Rampage 5/13/23

· The Acclaimed & Daddy Ass takes on The Butcher, The Blade & Kip Sabian

· Kyle Fletcher battles Action Andretti

· Toni Storm takes on Allysin Kay

· We hear from The Gunns

· Swerve Strickland & Brian Cage battle John Silver & Alex Reynolds

AEW Dynamite 5/17/23

· The Outcasts (Saraya, Ruby Soho & Toni Storm) take on Jamie Hayter, Britt Baker & Hikaru Shida

· Ricky Starks battles Switchblade Jay White

· Chris Jericho takes on Roderick Strong in a Falls Count Anywhere Match

· A huge announcement from Tony Khan

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