Alonso warns: ‘If we get 25 races, I’ll retire!’

Fernando Alonso isn’t all that keen on Liberty Media’s plans to expand the Formula 1 calendar in the future.

The sport’s owners have projected an increase in the number of races in the coming years, hoping to add what F1 CEO Chase Carey has referred to as ‘destination cities’, such as Miami, Las Vegas or New York in the US.

“I have to see what they plan to do,” Alonso said.

“I read that they want to make a championship of 25 races. When I started in F1 there were 16, now there are 20.

“If they tell me there are 25 I will retire!”

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The Spanish driver’s trip to the Indy 500, as successful as it was on a whole, hasn’t impacted his attitude about his own plans for 2018.

“We’ll see, I would be lying if I told you now that I have a concrete plan,” Alonso told Planeta Calleja.

“I could go to another team, I don’t know whether it is Mercedes or another. If Renault starts to dominate, I don’t know,” he added.

“If in June or July a team calls I think we would have a chance but it’s all to be talked about.

“I think perhaps Red Bull is the only one that has doors a little closed because it already has young drivers with long contracts,” he added.


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