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Angie Lisi and Matthew Legere of American Sound of Richmond Hill, Ontario, played vinyl records, after my heart.

Tracking an Analog Relax EX300 cartridge mounted to a Glanz tonearm on an Oracle Delphi V11 turntable, those records, some rare, included Chick Corea’s Circling In, Art Pepper’s Among Friends (!!), Illinois Jacquet’s Birthday Party, and Highlights from Rheingold and Die Walkure, my favorite Wagner opera, with Solti/Vienna on Decca.

Rounding out this homey, high-performance rig were a Phasemation EA-550 phono stage ($38,000, when bought with the Analog Relax cart and Oracle turntable), Phasemation CM-2200 Control Meister preamp ($26,000), and dCS Bartok Apex DAC (streaming Qobuz).

Phasemation MA-1500 mono power amps ($30,000/pair) with 300B tubes drove German Avantgarde Acoustic third-generation UNO SD passive horns, with a 500W amplifier to power its 10″ woofer with passive crossover ($35,000/pair). (There’s a fully active version, too.) Transparent cables were employed throughout.

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