A Workaholic’s Guide To Working From Home

First, let me set a little context, just so you know that I’m not talking out of my ass. For the past two-and-a-half months, I’ve been working from home and managing a team that sits half an ocean away. When the spouse was made a job offer she couldn’t refuse, I decided to pack upRead moreRead more

Shashi Tharoor’s Shares ‘Word Of The Day’, Leaves People Asking For More Such Wisdom

An author, politician, former international civil servant and currently serving as Member of Parliament, Lok Sabha from Thiruvananthapuram, Shashi Tharoor is indubitably one of the smartest.  FACEBOOK/SHASHI THAROOR Read more: Shashi Tharoor Took A Hindi Vocabulary Test & The Result Isn’t A ‘Farrago Of Distortions’ At All Over the years, Tharoor has managed to woo peopleRead moreRead more

10 Ways You See The The World As An Overthinker

Channeling thoughts into something positive takes a lot of stamina. Like physically, you can feel them crashing down on you but you have to stay strong in the face of such an onslaught. For overthinkers, it is way worse. The thoughts never stop brimming in their heads. The loop has no end. If you thinkRead moreRead more

Dude Asks For Extra Spicy Noodles, The Chilli Almost Blows His Head Off His Shoulders!

What is good food without some customization? Most of us are quite picky and particular about the food that we want to eat and how it should be made. That said, we often rule out our own set of ‘wishes’ that we want to be fulfiled. ….and so did this guy.  Logan Doan was havingRead moreRead more

Avan The Dog Wrote A Heartfelt FB Post Looking For New Parents, And It’ll Move You To Tears

Warning: If you cry and melt into a puddle of love, it’s not our fault. It’s all Avan, the dog’s fault – for being so incredibly cute and lovable. Even though dogs can’t speak the language their hoomans do, they will wag and make eyes at you until you get what they’re trying to say.Read moreRead more

15 Strange Psychological Facts Which Will Blow Your Mind

There is reel world and there is the real world. And then comes the world of psychology which always leave us in a state of amazement. The answers to all your questions about how and why human function, psychology is certainly a blessing. Here are 15 psychological facts which will leave you saying ‘oh myRead moreRead more

The 13 Struggles Of Being An Elder Millennial That Secretly All Of Us Will Relate To

Somewhere between the close of the last century and the start of a new one, a generation of dreamers was born. You know them today as elder millennials. We may be clubbed under one broad group, the millennials, but there’s a wide gap between those born in the mid ’80s and those in ‘the aughts.’Read moreRead more

11 Interesting Facts No One Told You About Your Most Favorite Indian Candies

They are the recipe for instant nostalgia. All  of us 90s kids have some glorious memories attached to lip-smacking candies. Remember blowing those huge bubbles while chewing the classic ‘Boom Boom Boomer? And scandalising our parents by smoking those sweet Phantom cigarettes and looking all ‘cool’? While we munched away to glory, we never gaveRead moreRead more

A WhatsApp Text Sent To A Wrong Number Helped This Dude Find His Soulmate For Life

It’s one thing to be lucky enough to have a serendipitous encounter with someone, but it’s a totally different kind of luck that gets you married to someone at random.  When most people receive a WhatsApp text from an unknown number, that turns out to be a wrong one, they get annoyed, block it andRead moreRead more

Can You Answer These Class 5 CBSE Textbook Questions? Take This Quiz To Find Out

You are in college, pursuing the course of your dreams. Or you have a job. Maybe you’re even well settled in life. But are you smarter than a 5th grader? Do you think you’re a genius? Let’s see you take this quiz that we curated from the syllabus of what an average Class 5 student studiesRead moreRead more