Avicstar is your complete clothing manufacturing service, comprising design, pattern cutting, sampling, production, distribution and consultation. We have tremendous experience in woven garment production. The service is totally flexible: the production of a single contract or the design and manufacture of a complete collection. We produce any woven product, structured, semi-structured or casual.

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Avicstar London Ltd provides many services for all the fashion industry. It is able to produce any number of garment from bespoke samples, made with a turn over of 24 hours through to larger quantities, whilst still keeping the highest level of quality. Avicstar’s twenty strong staff are competent at handling all garments. From tailoring to software, using a range of fabrics, from denim to wool, cotton, silk, jersey and chiffon. Avicstar London Ltd also provide in house pattern cutters and designers for all your fashion needs.

Avicstar London Ltd has an expanding network of clients, based in and around London, including various high end labels. The company is managed by Mr Pakso who has been involved in the clothing manufacturing industry for many years. Mr Pakso is well experienced to look after the company, and it clients having previously worked for high end designers, and top manufacturers.

Avicstar London has wide experience working within the fashion production and manufacturing sector. As a London-based production company we pride ourselves on un-compromised quality and service. Our team, consisting of twenty highly skilled members, enables Avicstar to offer professional and competent handling of all garments. Our production facility can provide up to three hundred garments per week and close communication and working relationship is maintained throughout the manufacturing process.

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