Bad News Barrett Calls Daniel Bryan A Paper Champion

This week’s sit-down interview features Bad News Barrett speaking to Byron Saxton, who filled in for the “injured” Michael Cole. Here are some highlights of what Barrett said:

– Barrett said he exercised his rematch clause against IC Champion Daniel Bryan at Extreme Rules because Bryan never beat him. He called Bryan a “paper champion” since he won the title in a multi-man match at WrestleMania.

– Barrett doesn’t understand why Bryan is so beloved by the WWE Universe. He talked about the backstage segment at WrestleMania where the legends congratulated Bryan for his IC title victory. No legends ever gave him a pat on the back for being IC Champion and it doesn’t make sense. Barrett said Daniel Bryan knows that he’s the true champion.

– Saxton said he doesn’t think any of Barrett’s IC title reigns have been as memorable as Bryan’s big win at WrestleMania. Barrett says it’s not about being memorable, it’s about proving you’re the best. Barrett said when he was champion, there was never any question about was the best. At Extreme Rules, he’s going to give Daniel Bryan something to remember.

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