Bihar Man Who Went To Govt Hospital For A Hydrocele Operation Gets Sterilised By Doctors

A shocking incident has been reported from Bihar’s Kaimur district, where doctors performed sterilisation surgery on a 32-year-old man who visited a government hospital for a hydrocele operation. 


Manaka Yadav, who hails from Jagaria village in south-west Kaimur, was admitted to Chainpur community health centre on Tuesday for a hydrocele operation following the recommendation by a local Accredited Social Health Activist (ASHA) worker, Maya Kunwar. 

But Manaka was in for a shock when the doctor, who operated on him, revealed that the vasectomy surgery was successful before advising him to visit a private hospital for the hydrocele operation. 

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‘My world came crashing down’

“My world came crashing down when I was told that my ‘nasbandi’ (vasectomy) operation was successful. Now, who will marry me?” Manaka told TOI on Thursday. 


Manaka, now feeling discouraged about losing the capability to become a father, has also claimed that he was unaware that he had signed a document consenting to his vasectomy operation.

Manaka’s father, Ramdahim, accused the doctors of ruining the life of his son, who intended to get married after the hydrocele surgery. 

“Just tell me how his lineage will progress? The sterilisation surgery has brought a full stop to this,” Ramdahim said, adding, “Parivar ab yahin khatm ho jayega. (The family tree has come to a stop).” 

Hospital record shows his status as ‘married’

However, a verification of hospital records by the Times Of India showed his status as ‘married’, which is in contrast with Manaka’s claim that he is unmarried. 

Additionally, the ASHA worker who had persuaded him to opt for the operation signed a printed statement which read, “I am aware that the beneficiary is married and he has a child who is more than a year old.” 

Probe ordered by local civil surgeon

Meanwhile, a three-member committee, headed by district immunisation officer Dr R K Chaudhary, has been formed to investigate the issue on the directions of local civil surgeon Dr Meena Kumari. 

The probe team has been tasked with submitting the report on the incident within 24 hours.

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However, the civil surgeon has suggested that the man had gone to the hospital for both hydrocele and vasectomy surgeries and had claimed he was ‘married’. 

 Other officials in the Kaimur health department also backed the civil surgeon’s statement. 

“He had married twice but was deserted by both his wives,” claimed Dr Sunil Kumar, medical in-charge of Chainpur community health centre, where the surgery was performed. 

“We conducted an investigation at our own level and came to know from local villagers that he (victim) is already married,” the medical officer said.

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