Booker T Talks WWE Planting The Seeds For Usos Match, Favorite Wrestling Moves

Booker T gave his thoughts on various topics on his latest Hall Of Fame podcast. Here are the highlights:


WWE planting the seeds for Jey Uso vs. Jimmy Uso match at WrestleMania 40: 

“Definitely a big seat for the Usos to go out there. You know, the wrecked shop at the Royal Rumble. And that will be a beautiful thing. It’ll be a beautiful thing because I don’t know. I’m just gonna look forward to seeing the match. I was just thinking about trying to book it a little bit, but I’ll do it.”

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On his top five wrestling moves: 

“I used to love the superplex when it first came out. You know, we’re both guys gonna pull the top rope suplex off the top rope. Some are simple for me. One of my favorite wrestlers, wrestlers that I admired and idolized, was great. mooting when he made the move sought me, and I was like, man, a great move. And so, you know, nobody’s gonna get hurt. And it’s just a great move, man. When Scott Steiner used to do that damn Frankenstein. Oh, it was so freaking awesome. When Scott used to do that, it was just so innovative, and there was a move that you really couldn’t get hurt on. It was just really really cool. Another move that’s so technically sound that looks probably better than any move that has ever been in professional wrestling that’s been thoroughly overused and that’s that Canadian destroy.”

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