Boullier: ‘Vandoorne needs to change his driving style’

McLaren race director Eric Boullier has urged Stoffel Vandoorne to tweak his driving style in order to better adapt to Formula 1.

Vandoorne conceded half a secodn to team mate Fernando Alonso in yesterdays’ qualifying session, a gap which the Belgian driver himself admitted was too much.

“I don’t really know what happened,” said the 25-year-old yesterday.

“On Friday I was feeling quite comfortable and confident in the car, happy with the performance, and everything was moving in the right direction to do a bit better today.”

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Boullier has offered a suggestion as to why the rookie is currently struggling compared to his notorious team mate.

“The reason is simple and Stoffel knows it very well,” the Frenchman said.

“The problem for rookies from the junior categories is the braking. He is used to braking very late and entering the corners on the brakes, but F1 is different.

“He has to change his driving style, but I am sure it will come,” Boullier added.

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