‘Burning feet’ force early exit from FP2 for Stroll

Williams’ Lance Stroll literally held his feet to the fire Friday during FP2, forcing the Canadian to cut short his run in the evening session.

Stroll was running through his programmes without much trouble before feeling a burning pain in his feet. Fortunately, just strong discomfort ensued with no injury.

“There was some burning in my feet, I don’t know if something was wrong, I was burning like crazy” said Stroll of the issue which Williams will investigate.

“I need to see what it was, but I had to get out of the car because it was just killing me. I just wanted to get out of there.”

“I needed to jump out of the car, it was really, really painful,” he added.

“I tried to bring it to the end [of the session] but when I was told to do another lap for the virtual safety car I said ‘I really cannot do it, sorry.”

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Stroll labeled his first 90 minutes of the day as positive session but admitted that his evening sting was a struggle.

“In FP1 I got into the car and immediately felt very comfortable and confident.  In FP2 I was struggling with the car and we have to see if anything was wrong with it, but no worries as this was only practice.”

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