Button back in action: ‘It never leaves you’

Jenson Button is gearing up for his special guest appearance at the Monaco Grand Prix at the end of the month where he’ll sub for Indy bound Fernando Alonso.

Button’s ‘sabbatical’ contract with McLaren this year allowed for the Woking-based outfit to call upon the services of the 2009 world champion.

And when Zak Brown asked the Brit to take Alonso’s seat in Monte-Carlo, he was more than happy to oblige.

“When the chance came to race in Monaco, I was going to take it,” he said.

“I don’t want to be racing in Formula 1 for a whole season because I’ve done my time in Formula 1, I’ve loved most of my career but it was time for me to have a break.

“But to come back for the Monaco Grand Prix, I mean that is just the dream for a racing driver; coming in for a one-off race, in Monaco, the most glamorous Grand Prix on the calendar, it’s that excitement is back.”

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Button has been spending this week at the McLaren factory, getting acquainted with his mount and the new-spec MCL32 in the simulator. He confessed that there is a lot to learn.

“You jump into the simulator and after five laps there’s that ‘OK, I’ve still got it then’.

“I can still direct the car around the corners and I still know how to change gear and push the brake podal and modulate the throttle. That never leaves you.”

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