Carmella Says Her New Ring Gear Was Inspired By Lita, How She Was Worried Lita Would Get Mad

Carmella debuted a new look when she returned to action in WWE a couple of weeks ago.


The former SmackDown Women’s Champion revealed in an interview with After The Bell that the gear was inspired by WWE Hall of Famer Lita. Carmella admits that she was worried Lita, who appeared for WWE the same night she returned, would be angry about the attire, but the Attitude Era legend gave her huge compliments. Highlights from the interview can be found below.

On debuting a new ring gear following her return:

Coming back and knowing that I was going to do a new version of my old character, I wanted to kind of marry my look with the bra top that I’ve been wearing, but also…when Carmella debuted, she was wearing the joggers and the boxers showing. I kind of wanted to take that and put a new twist on it. I thought, ‘what better way to do that than pay homage to Lita?’ She had such iconic gear. I figured, ‘let me take that and put my twist on it.’

Says she was worried because the gear was an homage to Lita and Lita was in the building that night:

Little did I know, the night I’m debuting this gear, Lita is backstage and I am freaking out. ‘Oh Gosh, is she going to be mad at me? Is she going to say what are you doing? Take that off. I have nothing back up to wear, what am I going to do?’ She was in makeup, I walk by, I’m wearing the gear. ‘Hey Lita, how are you?’ ‘Oh my gosh.’ ‘I hope you’re not mad.’ ‘Are you kidding? Not at all, that’s amazing.’ ‘I really wanted to pay tribute to you.’ She loved it. I’m not going to lie, I was a little scared for a minute, is she going to be pissed at me?

Elsewhere in the interview Carmella said she had a chip on her shoulder and is ready to prove to her haters that she belongs at the top of the card. You can read about that here.

(H/T and transcribed by Fightful)

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