Channahon Mayor's Race: 2023 Unofficial Election Results

CHANNAHON, IL — Two-term mayor of Channahon Missey Moorman Schumacher appeared poised to win a third term in office as she came out about 230 votes ahead of challenger Sam Greco, according to unofficial vote totals from Will and Grundy Counties.

It was a busy Election Day for candidates in several mayoral races, including Channahon. Polls officially closed at 7 p.m. Early voting and vote-by-mail ballots are included in the total. Provisional ballots and late arriving vote-by-mail ballots are not included, according to the Will County Clerk’s Office. All results are unofficial.


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The candidates on the ballot were two-term incumbent Missey Moorman Schumacher and long-time village board member Sam Greco.

With the polls closed, here’s where vote totals stood with the combined totals for Will and Grundy Counties:

Find out what's happening in Channahon-Minookawith free, real-time updates from Patch.

With 100 percent of Will County precincts reporting

Both candidates made the time to fill out their Patch questionnaire asking for their responses on a variety of issues and topics.

“I have been Mayor/Village President of Channahon since 2015,” the 57-year-old Schumacher explained. “I have worked in the banking and accounting field for more than 35 years. I have been at my current position of Accounting Administrator/Analyst with Will County since 2012.”

Schumacher has been Mayor/Village President of Channahon since 2015. She was appointed Channahon Village Clerk in 2008, and she was elected Village Clerk in 2009 and re-elected in 2011. In 2013, she was elected to the Village of Channahon Board of Trustees.

“Our most pressing issues are controlling taxes, quality of life, infrastructure improvements, and the “BIG PICTURE,” the future of Channahon,” Schumacher responded in her Patch candidate questionnaire.

” My intentions will continue to be actions. During my tenure as Mayor, we have lowered the Village tax rate more than 15 percent. Tax base diversification has afforded us that ability. Thoughtful growth is key in the Village of Channahon. All projects have been and will continue to be considered with quality of life in mind. Where and how we locate development is carefully considered, and I have been adamant about the restrictions I’ve enacted.

“Multi-millions of dollars in infrastructure improvements have been made, many through grants, developer participation, and multi-jurisdictional partnerships. Under my leadership, we have made significant investments to ensure quality of life for future generations of Channahon residents and businesses. I live here, too. My record over these past two terms reflects my commitment to the community and the residents of Channahon.”

As mayor of Channahon, Schumacher said that “we have worked diligently to foster good working relationships with our local and other agencies and community leaders for the benefit of our residents and businesses. The partnerships we’ve created have allowed for increased opportunity and greater advantage for all partners. One such example is the recent partnership between Channahon, IDOT, Will County & the City of Joliet to begin engineering for the widening of Route 6.

“Another example is our partnership with Will County State’s Attorney’s Office to provide Channahon with a canine officer. That partnership was joined by Mallard Point Veterinary Clinic, The Feed Loft and Puppy Cuts, all local businesses who offered to provide food and care for our canine officer. Those relationships and partnerships have proved to be invaluable and under my leadership, the Village of Channahon has tirelessly pursued them.

“With an eye to our future and the “big picture,” the Village of Channahon has recently purchased 22 acres to develop a Town Center. I would like to use this term to continue that development and see this project through.”

The 69-year-old Greco works as the assistant superintendent of Buildings and Grounds at Minooka South High School. He said he served on the Channahon Board of Education for 14 years and also served on the Channahon Township Board for four years. He has currently served more than 30 years on the Channahon Village Board.

“I am confident about my knowledge of how government bodies function and work for the citizens they represent,” Greco wrote in his Patch candidate questionnaire.

“I believe economic development is an issue the Village of Channahon needs to do a better job of handling,” Greco explained. “We need to attract business such as restaurants, retailers and grocery stores. This can be achieved by tax rebates or incentives plus economic development programs. I believe the Mayor needs to be available to the citizens. If elected I will hold regular office hours. My fellow citizens will be able to have access to the mayor’s office to stop in and talk about whatever they may need.”

Greco said he believes that “you have to be a good steward of the taxpayers’ money. I work for and support a balanced budget and affordable taxes. I believe the village needs to be more aggressive when it comes to commercial growth. We should use every marketing tool we have to attract this type of growth. It is this type of growth that will keep a low tax rate and affordable taxes. Residential growth is important for a community to thrive.”

When asked about what kinds of developments his constituents in Channahon want from their next mayor, Greco answered, “I believe the residents want restaurants, grocery stores and other amenities. We need to attract these types of businesses with tax incentives and other economic development programs. Marketing is the key to this.”

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