Charlotte Talks Adjusting To Move To SD! Live, Sasha Banks, PPV Streak

WWE Superstar Charlotte Flair recently spoke with The Mirror out of the United Kingdom for an interview. Below are some of the highlights.

On if there is any difficulty in adjusting to her new schedule after switching brands: “It doesn’t really change my schedule that much because it’s Saturday to Wednesday versus Friday to Tuesday, but I guess my personal level I’m reunited with my best friend in real life, Becky Lynch, and my mentor Natalya. I started basically with both of them when I debuted, so personally it’s awesome. Professionally I’m looking forward to facing Carmella, I’ve never faced her, I’ve been in a title match with Naomi, there is Tamina, so the opportunities for new storylines or to add a fresh coat of paint to my character, with new characters to interact with, I’m pretty excited. It’s like energising.”

On recreating the magic she and Sasha Banks have made in the past again on the SmackDown Live brand: “I have no doubt in my mind. I feel I could do that with Becky and I also feel I could do that with Natalya. I worked both of them in two different programmes when I was on Raw, but that would be a dream of mine to main event with my best friend Becky on a pay-per-view or show… it would just be awesome, given if people really look back at the history of our storyline, from PCB [Paige/Charlotte/Becky], to separating, it would be great.”

On her pay-per-view winning streak coming to an end: “Ha ha yeah, you know I tell people it was a statistic, not the story. The pay-per-view thing was more a cool statistic. The story was here’s this underdog, that in Charlotte’s eyes was just a fan and didn’t belong in her presence. And I think that was the bigger focus, that she finally did it, she slayed the dragon, ha ha.”

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