Chelsea’s handling of Hakim Ziyech’s transfer costs Ismaël Gharbi his loan to Nice

What appeared to be great moves by PSG at the transfer deadline has turned into two mishandled messes. Not only was Hakim Ziyech’s transfer denied due to documents being sent too late by Chelsea, but Paris’ move to get their up-and-coming youngster, Ismaël Gharbi, more playing time with Nice was also fumbled partly due to Chelsea’s mishandling of Ziyech’s transfer. 

It is being reported that PSG would only allow the 18-year-old to leave on a season loan if the transfer of the Moroccan attacker was confirmed. Meaning, even though Gharbi had his paperwork signed and in order, it was delivered late because the capital city club had to wait for Chelsea to send the correct paperwork for Ziyech. 

So while they were not officially connected in transfer deals, the Chelsea misstep directly impacted the young Spanish international. An appeal was sent to the LFP to contest the error on the part of the Premier League club who sent the wrong document several times even though an agreement between the clubs had been reached around 10:45 p.m. In the end, both transfers were officially denied by the LFP.

While fans would have loved to see the Moroccan star in the Parc des Princes, the real loser here is Ismaël Gharbi. The young player has only played in one match with the senior team and could have used the transfer to grow instead playing limited minutes with PSG. 

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