Concord Man Arrested On Strangulation, Child Endangerment Charges

CONCORD, NH — A man from Concord is facing several charges after an incident on New Year’s Day on Adonis Court.

Police were sent to a home after a report of a domestic disturbance involving Nathaniel W. Liberty, 37, and another person. After an investigation, he was arrested two days later on simple assault and domestic violence-simple assault charges. Liberty was arrested again, a few hours later, on stalking and breach of bail charges.

About 10 days later, witnesses were questioned about the New Year’s Day incident with a forensic interviewer. One witness stated Liberty was arguing with a woman about a motor vehicle stop by police and accused him of punching her. Later, while arguing, the witness accused him of kicking and choking the woman, an affidavit said.

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The witness claimed Liberty chased her into a room, grabbed her, and began choking her, too, the affidavit said. She was then thrown on a mattress, the report stated.

A second witness was interviewed, and she stated she heard yelling, the report said. When she went to find out what was happening, she claimed Liberty had the other girl in “a bearhug type of hold around her neck,” the affidavit said.

Find out what's happening in Concordwith free, real-time updates from Patch.

“(She) stated that she could not watch the whole thing but believed that Nathaniel dragged (the girl) into the hallway,” the report said. “(She) stated that (the girl) was sitting on a mattress that was in the hallway and partially leaning against the wall.”

The witness also said she heard Liberty kicking someone, but she wasn’t sure whether it was the woman or the girl because “the whole incident was chaos.”

When police arrived, she said in the affidavit, “Liberty was telling them that everything was fine.” He left the home but came back and was arrested again, the witness told the interviewer, according to the report.

On Jan. 18, a warrant was issued against Liberty, who now lives in Boscawen, for felony second-degree assault as well as domestic violence-simple assault and endangering the welfare of a child charges. He was arrested at 11:10 a.m. on Feb. 13 on the charges.

According to court records, Liberty was involved in a restraining order case in Hillsborough County Superior Court North in September 2005, which was resolved later.

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