County To Resurface Tierce Patton Road In Coming Months

NORTHPORT, AL — Tuscaloosa County Commissioner Stan Acker says work to resurface Tierce Patton Road will begin soon and hopefully be complete sometime this fall.

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Acker told Patch that the $610,000 project will be funded by part of the county’s allocation of revenue from the state’s gas tax.

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“We’re projecting it to be done within the next 90 days, by the end of October, ” he said. “The entire road has to be milled. So we will mill it up and then put the new surface down over that. That actually makes for a better surface on a heavily travelled road like that.”

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Find out what's happening in Tuscaloosawith free, real-time updates from Patch.

Tierce Patton Road is one of the busier connector routes in northern Tuscaloosa County, connecting U.S. Highway 43 and Alabama Highway 69.

Indeed, traffic count data collected by the county underscores how busy the road is, with 3,400 motorists traveling along the Highway 43 end, while approximately 8oo travel the Highway 69 end.

The drastic distance for the two entry points is likely due to Lake Tuscaloosa and its numerous residents being much closer to Highway 43.

The project is also just the latest by Acker and the County Commission to keep pace with rapid growth in the northern part of the county.

Acker pointed to other recent resurfacing projects in his district such as Bone Camp Road and Martin Road to highlight the demand on infrastructure in his part of the county.

“Those connector roads are travelled by many residents daily and others on weekends on trips,” Acker said. “So that’s been my main goal and we’ve done a number of roads.”

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