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November 27, 2023 Observer Newsletter: AEW Full Gear review, PFL/Bellator deal

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What did people think of Full Gear as compared to the other AEW PPVs of latePerformers and match of the weekLots of good and bad thoughts on Swerve Strickland vs. Adam PageA look at WWE vs. AEW when it comes to free agent signings of lateWhat Will Ospreay will and won't mean for AEWFull details of why Ronda Rousey appeared on the ROH show this week and it's not what you thinkWho is the top free agent out there right nowThoughts on the MJF/Cole/White/Gunns storylineRealities of AEW's enemies and how the Strickland vs. Page match fits into that discussionLogic issues and creative license in wrestlingImpromptu and using instinct in reacting when things mess up in a matchWhy Ospreay signed with AEW and why it was announced this weekPPV numbers early on and what is says about more PPV showsLive show business notesTheater business notesFull match coverageSorting out the Bellator/PFL deal and looking at the business aspect, top talent, show plans, next two PPV show ideas and moreCompany talks 2024 schedule plans for Bellator and PFLThe top fighters under contract at this point to the new groupHall of Fame updates and reaction to last week's issueGreatest tag teams of all-timeA look at a likely 2024 ballotA look at Survivor Series plans, plus public demand and interest levelA look in depth at the Continental Classic, the good and bad of itA look at this last week's UFC show and notes about future showsThe most detailed look at the TV ratings over the past week, the segment-by-segment, changes in each group, competition, and where wrestling stands in the weekly numbersWorld title match doesn't get over on major show and whyPromotion running a business deal with major company to get major discount on a famous productNew team will be taking over the name of one of the best tag teams in historyMajor changes in Stardom hierarchy and what happened to lead to itStardom titles vacant and steps on filling those vacanciesStardom PPV rundownFantastica Mania 2024 notesWhat dream match was planned for January in California and where it stands right nowNew Japan tag tournament notesAll Japan tag team tournament notesA look back at one mystery in the death of WCWWrestlers suspended for working an unlicensed showFull details on Ronda Rousey's appearance at AEW show in Los AngelesYoung Bucks repackagingDarby climbing Mount Everest and detailsWhat day will a number of new free agents be availableLooking at the ones AEW could signTwo new rulings in Cung Le case and what kind of money figures are being bandied aboutA look at WWE arena business and future show ticket sales, has it peaked, what does future sayAEW future ticket salesInternational TV ratings and streaming numbersReigns next match and who it's not withLevesque booking philosophyA look at the WWE & NXT house shows over the past weekNotes on December television schedule for both AEW and WWE including a show not airing, and a double taping planned

This Week's Retro Observer Newsletter

August 28, 2006 Observer Newsletter: Shamrock/Ortiz, WWE SummerSlam

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Saturday Update


I previewed the Survivor Series card for Sports Illustrated and gave my predictions for each match.Cody Rhodes shared a look at his ring gear for tonight.In the event program for Survivor Series, Gallus and The Authors of Pain are listed as part of the WWE roster.On SmackDown last night, there was an angle where Ridge Holland walked out on Butch during a match against Pretty Deadly. There had been a miscommunication between Butch and Holland the previous week that caused them to lose a triple threat tag match. Pretty Deadly defeated Butch last night after he was left on his own.After missing two weeks due to paternity leave, Corey Graves was back on commentary for last night's SmackDown.Drew McIntyre cut a social media promo responding to people who say he’s turned heel:Who’s a heel? Who’s a bad guy? Are we not watching the show and not keeping up with things? Do I have to spell things out even more simply?If you’re a fan of mine, like I said on Raw, you get it. You understand. If you don’t, and if you’ve turned your back on me, if you feel a certain way about me, you weren’t a fan in the first place, or you just haven’t been watching closely or half-closely because it feels pretty obvious to me, or have a short-term memory or it’s fun to say ‘Yeet’ and do this [mocking does Jey’s taunt] — which it is, but it doesn’t change the facts.That’s all I do is tell the truth. I’m a real person, wrapped into a real situation with someone who showed up in my backyard, who was part of trauma from the worst part of my career, which led to the worst moment of my career. So I’m dealing with it now, doing what a lot of people wish they could do and I can do, being a WWE Superstar… Kick someone’s arse who wronged me. Point out the truth, be met with, not a rebuttal but a Yeet Yeet YeetDown, which is fun to say, but it’s not exactly replying to the facts that were presented.Nonetheless, don’t care. Got him in a cage, still the same guy. My fans get it. Whatever. I’m going to keep being me, keep kicking arse and eventually get back to that World title with people in the crowd. Simple.Zoey Stark spoke to SEScoops ahead of challenging Rhea Ripley for the Women’s World Championship tonight:I'm so excited. Rhea and I, we're really just going to kill each other. Let's be honest, we're going to be going really hard in this match. So everyone, strap your seatbelts on and let's go … Like you said, it's the biggest match of my career, so being completely and utterly focused is my number one priority. So I'm going to do whatever I need to do to get that title around my waist.Carmella discussed the nerve damage she’s dealing with after giving birth:I have nerve damage in my right foot from pushing this bubs out of me. So, the entire side of my right foot is numb. It’s difficult to move my toes. I can't really move my foot, so it's making it difficult to walk. Which is a bit annoying but the anesthesiologist… I thought it was originally from the epidural. I didn't know what was wrong.But he [the anesthesiologist] said it can happen and with pushing on your back and it should hopefully resolve in a few weeks. I'm going to see a chiropractor next week which will hopefully help. My acupuncturist has been working on it so we'll see. Fingers crossed it's better soon.TNT Sports in the UK/Ireland interviewed The Miz.WWE Shop released a new Randy Orton T-shirt and hoodie design ahead of his return at Survivor Series.Santos Escobar, Butch, and Damage CTRL appeared on The SmackDown LowDown.

AEW/Other Wrestling

“Speedball” Mike Bailey paid tribute to Absolute Andy: “Rest in Peace Absolute Andy. His gigantic personality lit up every room and his kindness made Germany feel like home to any who got to spend time with him.”Chris Hero wrote: “Crushed to hear of the passing of Absolute Andy. I remember Andy’s first wrestling camp in the Sauerland & I had the privilege to share the ring with him many times after. Andy was always a friendly face, always worked his ass off & meant a lot to a lot of people. RIP my friend”Killer Kelly: “Andy is one of the most important people in my wrestling career. He taught and helped me so much while I was in @wXwGermany, way more than he ever knew. One of the greatest and most caring people I’ve ever met. My wrestling dad [heart] I love you and I will miss you dearly”Shigehiro Irie: “Hi Andy…When I came to Germany first time in 2018, you were already Unified World Wrestling Champion, and you welcomed me so kindly. I didn’t speak English much then, but you always talked to me and cared everyone even stranger from abroad like me. I miss you so much…”Anthony Henry: “I had the opportunity to work with Andy in 2019, during Wrestlemania weekend. He was an absolute pro in every sense of the word. Being around the WXW crew not long after for the Tag Festival, I could sense how important and instrumental he was to the scene. He will be missed.”Chris Brookes: “Andy was a wonderful person. May he rest in peace.”Sha Samuels: “First met Andy around 2007/8. Lovely man. He was a great professional at shows and always enjoyed working with him. Love and condolences to his family and friends R.I.P Andy.”Kris Statlander explained what she’s learned from Orange Cassidy:I’ve learned so much from him. He has been like a mentor and a friend to me pretty much my whole career with AEW. I think one thing he really instilled in me is that — obviously, you want to win your match, and you want to continue to be the champion.No one really wants to lose. But take it as an opportunity to bring the best out of your opponent and try to elevate them to see if they really are ready to be a champion or not. So every match I have is not just for me; it’s about pushing people to see if they’re ready for the spot that I’m in.Zach Gowen was a guest on Insight with Chris Van Vliet.Mickie James interviewed Missy Hyatt for Busted Open Radio.Click Here:

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