Delhi, Rajasthan And Punjab To Witness Severe Cold Wave: Here's How You Should Cope With It

Minimum temperatures in parts of Delhi dipped to 3 degrees Celsius on Sunday morning as cold wave conditions continued in isolated pockets over Punjab, Haryana, Delhi and northwest Rajasthan.


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Cold wave conditions in parts of North India

India Meteorological Department (IMD) predictions for Christmas and the holidays ahead, point to the possibility of dense fog in Chandigarh, Punjab, and Haryana over the next four days.
The weather Department said cold wave conditions were observed in isolated pockets of Punjab, Haryana, Delhi, and northwest Rajasthan.

Dense fog is also expected to bring down visibility in Delhi, and Himachal Pradesh. People in Uttar Pradesh and northwest Rajasthan will experience cold wave conditions along with these areas, the weather office said. The MeT has also issued a warning of cold wave for these areas.

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Delhi is likely to face biting cold conditions over the next 24 hours. Temperatures may dip further on December 25 and 26, the IMD said.  

How to cope with harsh winters?

1) Prepare: Have proper clothing ready, winter car kits, room heaters, home supplies, and more.

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2) Stay clear of hypothermia and frostbite: Even in 10 degree Celsius temperatures, you’re at risk of losing too much core and limb heat.

3) Protect your body heat: Protect it, trap it, and treat it like the precious resource it is.

4) Keep covered: Wind and exposure are the enemy. Exposed skin accelerates heat loss, especially through wind.

5) Dress in layers: The air trapped between each layer holds your body heat, like your own personal hot tub. Also, layers give you better control over regulating body heat so you can avoid dangerous sweating.


The layers should fit loosely because tight clothing reduces blood circulation and warm blood needs to be circulated to the extremities. Make sure to protect the ears, face, hands and feet in extremely cold weather. Boots should be waterproof and insulated. Be sure to wear a hat.

6) Avoid exhaustion and fatigue: Because they sap energy, and energy is needed to keep muscles warm. But keep as active as possible. This is a great way to keep warm. It also prevents muscle loss – muscles are important to create body heat.  

7) Avoid sweating and stay dry: Besides moisture loss, sweating is bad because water on your skin makes you colder. That’s why we sweat to begin with — it’s the body’s air conditioning system.

8) Watch what you consume: Drink warm beverages and eat warm, high-calorie foods. Try to eat a balanced diet with lots of fruit and veg to get nutrients.

9) Hydrate: Severe cold can be just as dangerous as severe heat. Stay hydrated. Boil your drinking water.


10) Don’t travel unless you have to: Stay inside your homes. Conserve energy. Stay where you’re most likely to be found. Especially if you’re in a nasty storm where navigation and shelter is difficult.

11) Educate yourself: Learn the signs and symptoms of cold-induced illnesses and injuries and what to do to help workers.

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