Deonna Purrazzo Has Passionate Response To Fans Body Shaming Her Online

Deonna Purrazzo fires back at the trolls.


The Virtuosa, who is now with AEW, responded to a post online that shared several comments of fans body shaming Purrazzo and Red Velvet after their match on AEW Collision. Purrazzo doesn’t let it bother her, writing that she is a former five-time world champion and has worked for nearly every major promotion in the world.

Oh, I’ve already seen it. I had a cry then I realized my worth is NOT determined by 1) my body 2) others perception of me. I am a 5x World Champion. I have worked with nearly every major company in the world. I am one of the greatest wrestlers in the world. Furthermore, I just earned my bachelors degree. I am looking to start a Master’s program. AND, MOST IMPORTANTLY, I have a husband who thinks I am beautiful whether I’m a size S or M. (I’ve never ever been a size S.) They are entitled to their opinion and I’m entitled to tell them to kiss this FAT ass.

Purrazzo was victorious over Red Velvet on Collision, marking her first win since signing with AEW a few weeks ago. You can check out her post below.

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