Did Inaction Cost Shraddha Walkar's Life? 'He Will Cut Me Into Pieces' She Told Police In 2020

Aftab Poonawala, who the Delhi Police arrested in connection with the killing of live-in partner Shraddha Walkar on Tuesday, told the court that he committed the murder in the ‘heat of the moment’.

But in a shocking new twist, Walkar had told the Mumbai Police back in 2020 that she feared that Poonawala would kill her and her body would be cut into pieces – exactly how the murder was carried out two years later.


What Shraddha Walkar told police 

The shocking revelation was made by a friend of Walkar who had helped her to file a police complaint against Poonawala after she was beaten up by him repeatedly.

“Today he tied to kill me by suffocating me and he scares and blackmails me that he will kill me cut me up in pieces and throw me anyway. It’s been six months he has been hitting me. But did I not have the guts to go to police because he would threaten to kill me,” Walkar said in the complaint.

The complaint was filed at the Tulinj police in Palghar on November 23, 2020.


Poonawala’s parents were aware  

The letter further claimed that Poonawala’s parents knew he beat her up and tried to kill her.

“I lived with him till date as we were supposed to get married anytime soon and had the blessings of his family. Henceforth, I am not willing to live with him. So any kind of physical damage should be considered coming from him as he has been blackmailing me to kill me or hurt me whenever he sees me anywhere,” the letter read.

Walkar didn’t want to pursue the complaint

The Tulinj police confirmed that they had received the complaint and added that an officer had visited their rented house in Vasai east, but she categorically said she didn’t want to pursue the matter.


Since she had already given a letter withdrawing her previous complaint, the police said they could not force her to pursue the case or even forcibly enter her home.

Things happen in a relationship  

Earlier, Rahul Rai, a friend of Walkar who had shared a photo of her showing bruises on her face after an assault by Poonawala, had said that they had helped her in filing FIR after she reached out for help.

“The police officer suggested detaining Aftab for interrogation but she said such things happen in a relationship,” Rai had said.


Shraddha Walkar murder

Walkar was killed by Poonawala on May 18, just three days after they had moved into their new rented accommodation in Delhi.

Poonawala then cut the body into 35 pieces and stored them in a refrigerator before dumping them at several places over three weeks.

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Till now, the police have been able to recover some 13 body parts, primarily bones, from the forest in Mehrauli.

Poonawal has told the cops that since it has been nearly six months and he was new to the area, he doesn’t remember where the other body parts, including the head, were dumped.

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