Encinitas Hires Contractor To Complete Stonesteps Repairs

ENCINITAS, CA — The city of Encinitas has hired a contractor to repair the a popular beach access point after it was closed in January by the city, citing “safety issues.”

Stonestep Beach, an off-the-beaten-path locals beach, was closed after staff from the Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Arts Department, the city’s contractor and structural engineer determined the Stonesteps stairway platform and support beam were “structurally compromised and unsafe,” the city said in a news release.

According to that news release, an on-call structural engineer was hired to provide updated technical specifications required for the repair and replacement of the beams, brackets, and hardware.

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“The city has hired a contractor qualified to make the repairs in conformance with the as-built details and technical specifications,” the news release said. “The beams, brackets and bolts required to repair and replace the timber platform need to be custom manufactured per the technical specifications before the repairs can begin.”

According to the city, the contractor is anticipating six weeks for materials lead time prior to beginning the repairs and an additional two weeks for the repair work on the Stonesteps’ staircase that descends the steep crumbly bluff to the narrow beach below.

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“Residents and visitors that typically access the beach via the staircase are prohibited from using the staircase until access is granted again by the city of Encinitas,” the city said. “Beach goers are encouraged to use Beacons or Moonlight Beach until the staircase is reopened.”

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