FIA to investigate Magnussen headrest separation

Spectacular on-board footage of Kevin Magnussen’s  massive crash at the top of Eau Rouge on Sunday revealed the failure of the Renault’s headrest safety component to remain attached to the car’s cockpit.

The element’s detachment following Magnusson’s 42G impact has triggered an investigation by the FIA which would like to know exactly why the headrest did not fulfill its role beyond impact.

The U-shaped safety element which is made of special foam acts as an extra cushion for the driver’s head in the case of a violent lateral choc and is designed to remain attached even under massive loads.

The FIA collected the detached component as well as Magnussen’s helmet in order to conduct a comprehensive analysis.

While the horrific images on Sunday gave reason to fear the worst, the Danish driver fortunately suffered only a minor ankle injury, which in itself is a testimony to the Renault’s inherent safety.

FIA technical regulations stipulate that the headrest is “located by two horizontal pegs behind the driver’s head and two quick release fixings, which are clearly indicated and easily removable without tools, at the front corners.”

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