Game Changer Wrestling opposing AEW: Fight Forever trademark

GCW is opposing the name of AEW's upcoming video game.

WrestlingInc reported Friday that GCW filed to oppose the trademark AEW Fight Forever on March 1. However, it requested a 90-day extension of time to formally oppose. The United States Patent and Trademark Office granted that extension the following day. According to GCW’s opposition appeal, they are asking for 90 days in order to investigate and confer with council. The document also said that GCW is currently “engaged in settlement discussions with applicant,” referring to AEW.

Responding to a fan on Twitter, GCW owner Brett Lauderdale wrote that “GCW has never, and will never ask for a dollar of Tony Khan’s money.”

GCW held a show in January of 2021 called Fight Forever, a 24-hour event. According to WrestlingInc, GCW filed their trademark for the Fight Forever name last year, a few months after AEW filed for theirs.

AEW Fight Forever still has no release date, most recently in part due to its ESRB rating and the need to scale back to avoid a M for Mature rating.. However, the ESRB has recently given the game a T for Teen rating, which AEW had been aiming for. 

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