House Of Glory ‘Seven’ Results (12/16): Ric Flair Appears, Zack Sabre Jr vs Amazing Red

House Of Glory ‘Seven’ Results
New York City
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(1) Anthony Gangone def. Monte

Ric Flair then appeared to a huge ovation as he cut a promo for the fans, thanking them for attending.

(2) Caveman def. Mike Dell

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(3) Last Man Standing: Leroy Green def. Ken Broadway

(4) Sonya Strong def. Su Yung

 (5) Evander James (w. Matt Ryan) def. Joe Gacy
(6) Lucha Rules for vacant HOG Tag Team championship: EYFBO (aka LAX) def. Private Party, House of Gangone, Brian Burgundy & TJ Marconi to become champions
(7) Amazing Red def. Zack Sabre Jr
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