Jerry Lawler Doesn't Feel Like JBL Will Lose His Job Over Ranallo Situation, more

Glenn Moore sent this in:

On the fifth episode of Dinner With The King, hosted by Jerry “The King” Lawler and
Glenn Moore, The King shares his opinion on the recent JBL controversy, including
how ribs and joking around are prevelant in pro wrestling’s culture. He also thinks
JBL won’t lose his job over something like this.

“I’m a JBL fan. Here’s the thing about JBL; you have to know the guy. And if you
don’t get an opportunity to really know JBL, you can be offended. JBL is a funny
guy. He’s a big guy. He’s boisterous. He comes across as, sometimes, crude and loud.
But you gotta know him. That’s just JBL. He’s the same guy on commentary as he is in

When it comes to JBL losing his job, Lawler adds, “I don’t [think so], but hey,
that’s my opinion. I don’t think he will, not over something like this.”

He also talks about The Undertaker and shares some insight from WrestleMania,
in-which WWE had a guard protecting The Undertaker’s jacket, hat, and gloves back at
the hotel. This was done in-fear of a Tom Brady-type heist. He shares some stories
from Mark Calaway’s time in Memphis, as he was called the Master of Pain in 1989
while feuding with Lawler.

You can listen to the podcast below: