Jim Ross Blog: Shane McMahon Meeting, What Hogan Should Do, Rhodes' Title Win

The following are highlights from the latest online blog by WWE Hall Of Famer Jim Ross:

On meeting up with Shane McMahon in New York City this week: “Great hooking up with Shane McMahon for a few minutes while I was between meetings Tuesday in NYC. Shane looks great and honestly has seemingly never been in better shape. He’s head of a company in China working in the cable/satellite TV world and affiliated projects so he is staying busy notwithstanding having a lovely wife and three healthy, strapping sons. Funny how one remembers things of significance in wrestling jargon but it was 17 years ago when Shane and his wife married which marked the week that JJ Dillon abruptly left WWE and Bruce Prichard and I were in South Africa producing a TV show for WWE’s TV affiliate there. I think that was the show that I worked on commentary with Honky Tonk Man. Damn….17 years…man, how things change and time flies.”

On what he feels Hulk Hogan should do with his future in wrestling: “I have no dog in the hunt and nor do I know any insider “dirt” but for my two cents Hulk Hogan would be better off re-signing with WWE in a limited role that would put him back in the global, WWE mix and add a jolt to his career which never hurts anyone than re-signing with TNA. Even though Hogan says he has ‘one more match left in him’ that fact, if true, is irrelevant to my way of thinking. Hogan’s opportunity to do PR work, appear occasionally at live events and on a timely basis on TV and to have his likeness on more, sellable products is logical to me. If it is the dollars holding this matter up as in a bigger guarantee now and not willing to wait on the WWE business model to generate more, new Hogan bucks, then the deal may be simply and only about the immediate cash which isn’t a sin either.”

On the lack of time limits in pro wrestling today: “One thing that hurts pro wrestling today is the elimination of all time limits and a logical set of rules that cause matches to end. The elimination of time limits, on TV and at live events, eliminates a long established conclusion to a match of which many things can spin off.”

On The Rhodes Brothers winning the WWE Tag-Team Championships: “The last two segments of RAW were specifically good as the Rhodes boys won the tag titles from the Shield thanks to the Big Show’s holiday ham sized right hand. Arguably not the greatest method for the Rhodes family to win but, the bottom line, the grandsons of a plumber became WWE Tag Champions in a division that until recently hasn’t had much cache.”

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