Jim Ross Says He Was Not Welcome in WWE When He First Arrived, Talks Signing Rock & Austin, His New Book

Photo Credit: YouTube.com

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross recently spoke with ESPN to promote his new book, “Slobberknocker: My Life in Wrestling”, and below are some interview highlights:

On almost not moving forward with the completion of the book following the death of his wife in a vehicle accident:

“I thought about stopping in the middle of the journey,” Ross said during a recent interview with ESPN. “My wife had died and she was such a big part of this book [and my life], and she was an unsung hero behind the scenes when I was EVP of talent relations at WWE. You know I thought, ‘Well, God, I can’t finish with it.’ Then I followed through.”

On the WWE staff not welcoming him to the company during his first meeting:

“I was very much aware of the attention that the room paid to Vince when he spoke because everything that they needed to know, that affected their job,” Ross said of the meeting that took place before WrestleMania IX, his WWE debut. “I thought that was pretty cool. He introduced me to the room and it was like there wasn’t an audible sound. It was an audible non-sound. Nobody gave a s—. I was not welcome there, and I could see it from that very first moment.”

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On being responsible for signing Steve Austin and The Rock to WWE deals:

“They are two of my signees. They’re two guys I had a very strong personal relationship with,” Ross said. “And you know I just thought the world of both those guys. They were what we needed to revitalize the talent relations department. They were components of what we needed to re-jump-start the competitive feeling you get often times when you have a locker room that’s dotted with overachievers and ex-mainstream athletes.”