John Cena Talks About His Surprise Return & Hulk Hogan Wearing A Thong

During an interview with Showbiz Tonight to promote WWE’s Rise Above Cancer campaign, John Cena spoke about returning to action months ahead of schedule as well as Hulk Hogan’s recent “Wrecking Ball” parody video, where he wore a thong.

Cena also showed off his “Twerking” skills during the video interview.

Here are some highlights of what John Cena said about:

Returning At Hell in a Cell: “October 27th, I know I’m ready, I’ve had a wonderful surgeon, I’ve had a wonderful physical therapy crew. I’ve been really diligent and really on track to get back early. I feel great, the doctors are happy with everything… I’m really, really excited, I thought I was going to be off until past Christmas but now I can get back in the WWE Universe and do what I love.”

If He’s Returning Too Soon: “It’s not just my opinion here, it’s the opinion of the WWE medical staff, my surgeon, my physical therapist. I had to clear it with all those people. I’m cleared, I’m ready to go, and on October 27th I’ll be as ready and as strong as I’ve ever been.”

Hulk Hogan Wearing A Thong In A Viral Internet Video:  “So the commercial starts, and I’m seeing Hulk Hogan on the wrecking ball and he’s using his legendary and iconic do-rag, sunglasses, fu manchu, boa. He kicks the guy in the face, I’m like, ‘you know what, that’s a good…’ No, no, and then it all goes wrong. That’s a little too much, they should have stopped at the boot to the face, brother.”

* VIDEO of JOHN CENA TWERKING – What’s Worse, Cena Twerking Or Hogan In A Thong?!