Justin Bieber’s New Hairstyle Will Make You a Belieber Again

Justin Bieber once told us to “never say never,” but we didn’t know this would mean he would bring back his iconic side-swept bangs from his purple zip-up hoodie and “Baby” era.

Along with the hearts of Beliebers everywhere, Bieber has flirted with a number of hairstyles since days as an up-and-coming teen singer, including a pomade-slicked bouffant, platinum buzz cut, and dreads, but every true fan’s heart has been with his hair flip-ready, shaggy bowl cut.  And no one knows that it’s not too late to say sorry—or cancel a haircut appointment—like the pop superstar.

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Bieber showed off his longer, side-swept bangs on Twitter yesterday with the caption “My I love you face.” While we can’t confirm the object of his affection, we’re betting that the resurgence of his classic hairstyle filled him with so much warm and fuzzy nostalgia he had to capture it.


Let Bieber’s man bangs serve as proof that if you love something, let it go. If it comes back, it’s meant to be.

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