Kerala: 20-Year-Old Slits 17-Year-Old Girlfriend's Throat Over Fears Of Her Leaving Him

Kerala Police on Wednesday arrested a 20-year-old youth for the murder of his 17-year-old girlfriend.

Gopu, a native of Pallikkal in Thiruvananthapuram, was arrested by the police hours after his girlfriend was found dead in a pool of blood with her throat slit outside the house at Vadasserikonam in nearby Varkala.


Family was against the relationship

According to the police, Gopu and the victim, Sangeetha, a college student, were in a relationship.

But Sangeetha’s family was against their relationship and under pressure from them, she had started distancing herself from Gopu.

This, however, did not go down well with Gopu, who assumed that Sangeetha was having an affair with someone else.

Fake ID to test girlfriend 

To test this, Gopu created a fake account on social media and a new mobile number under the name of Akhil and befriended Sangeetha.

On Tuesday night, Gopu, pretending to be Akhil messaged Sangeetha to meet him outside her house.

Sangeetha, sleeping in the same room as her sister, sneaked out of the house at night to meet him.

Gopu had covered his face using a helmet and was waiting on the roadside. Feeling something amiss, Sangeetha asked him to show his face.

Instead, he slashed the girl’s throat with a sharp object and fled the scene with her mobile phone.


Sangeetha, profusely bleeding from the attack, ran to her house, crying for help.

Her parents, who woke up hearing her cry opened the door, but it was too late and the teenager collapsed in front of them.

Though she was taken to hospital by her relatives, she was declared dead by doctors.

Accused arrested within hours

During the initial investigation, the police recovered Sangeetha’s mobile phone and the murder weapon, which the accused had thrown away in a nearby field.


Based on her chat history, police zeroed in on Gopu, who was arrested within hours.

According to the police, the accused has admitted to the crime, but the case investigation is still going on, including the possibility of more people being involved.

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