Kevin Owens On Winning Universal Title, The Assist From HHH & More

During his appearance on a recent edition of Chris Jericho’s “Talk Is Jericho” podcast, WWE Universal Champion Kevin Owens spoke about winning the RAW brand world title in the Fatal-4-Way on RAW, as well as the angle that saw Triple H revealed as the man who helped him obtain the gold.

“It couldn’t have been better, but not just for storyline purposes, the ‘where do we go from here?’, ‘why did Triple H do it?’, ‘what’s going to happen with Seth [Rollins] and Triple H?’, this and that. It obviously opens a lot of doors for interesting stuff TV-wise,” said Owens of the angle that led to him becoming the second-ever WWE Universal Champion.

Owens continued, “But for me personally, when you win the world title, people assume, ‘oh, you probably want it to be this incredible battle where you claw, blood, sweat, and tears, and you just had this apparent moment.'”

Owens then spoke of how it was Triple H who was responsible for bringing him into WWE for real.

“Besides the fact that I’m a heel, Triple H got me here. He made the call to hire me. He made the call to take a chance on me because he hired somebody who wasn’t a cookie cutter WWE Superstar. And there would have been a chance where somebody would have been like, ‘you hired him? Are you kidding?'”

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