Kota Ibushi makes more accusations against NJPW management


Kota Ibushi has taken to Twitter again and made more accusations against NJPW management.

In a thread of tweets translated by @Golden_Kuma, Ibushi tweeted about Yakuza involvement in NJPW operations and sexual harassment, but he did not say that he was involved directly in any of the incidents he threatened to expose.

Ibushi tweeted recently about an issue he had with a member of management named Kikuchi, who the Wrestling Observer reported this week to be one of NJPW booker Gedo’s assistants. Ibushi published a series of text messages between them where Kikuchi threatened to end Ibushi’s contract with NJPW after he appeared at a Just Tap Out show on March 4.

Ibushi also threatened to expose things about NJPW publicly through the media in Japan. Ibushi wrote on Twitter, ““I’ll expose all about the former cheaters-gun (already returned) and the sexually harassing bosses, from the company president’s lies to his unreasonable power harassment this time,” Ibushi tweeted. “Get prepared for this! ToSpo (Tokyo Sports) and TV Asahi too. I don’t care.”

Kota Ibushi has followed up with a series of tweets on Twitter that suggest he isn’t close to being ready to return to action from his shoulder injury. Ibushi mentioned in one Tweet that he can only bench press less than 1/3 of the weight he was able to prior to his injury.

The Wrestling Observer is reporting that NJPW booker Gedo has been trying to smooth things over between both sides. Ibushi’s tweets appear to indicate that he knows it is unlikely he will be able to mend fences with NJPW given what he has revealed about the company on social media.

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