Lilian Garcia Records New Music, AJ Lee, Shockmaster At NXT, Mark Henry/USO

-WWE Diva AJ Lee has been announced as a guest for the upcoming Wizard World Comic Con event in New Orleans, Louisiana on Saturday, February 8, 2014. The WWE Divas Champion will be appearing from 1pm-4pm.

-Fred Ottman, better known to WWE fans as Tugboat and/or Typhoon, was in attendance at the WWE NXT live event on Friday night in Largo, Florida. Ottman, who is also known for portraying the infamous “Shockmaster” character in WCW, lives in the area and was simply in attendance enjoying the event as a fan.

-WWE ring announcer Lilian Garcia was reportedly in the studio with her new band on Friday recording a few sessions, which will be released to the public in the near future.

-Currently sidelined WWE Superstar Mark Henry represented WWE at the USO’s 10th annual “Stars & Stripes” event in Arlington, Virginia this week. Henry appeared and took some photos, including one with the current “Miss Maryland,” Christina Denny, and “Miss America,” Nina Davuluri.

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