Lucha Underground TV Results – (6/25/2015)

Lucha Underground TV Results
Taped at “The Temple” of Boyle Heights, Los Angeles, California
Aired on June 25, 2015 on the El Rey Network
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This week’s intro video reintroduced us to the quest for the ancient Aztec Medallions again. Also recapped, was the new and improved dark knight Drago. Drago’s opponent for this week’s show was Mil Muertes with Drago’s Ultima Lucha title shot on the line.

M. Bison has left the building (quoting Matt Striker’s Street Fighter reference last week); because this week we got the triumphant return of Los Ryobacks ready to feed more tunes to the Lucha Underground Temple like no other. Vampiro was more excited than usual because the Lucha Underground season was nearing its conclusion. Matt Striker said that after El Patron’s revenge in the Ironman match last week, Johnny Mundo would face Alberto El Patron in a grudge match at Ultima Lucha. I think we got our first vs. pictures for Lucha Underground as well.

Sexy Star was already in the ring for a match. Her opponent this week was her former friend Super Fly who still looks like a Hispanic Uso brother without his mask. Matt Striker quickly transitioned us to “Ringside with Vampiro”.

Vampiro brought up that Super Fly made his return interfering in Sexy Star’s match against Pentagon Jr. Vampiro said it would have been logical that Fly target the person that broke his arm, but instead Super Fly attacked the person who cost him his mask in the impromptu Luchas De Apuestas. Vampiro asked “why”? Super Fly said (in Spanish) that he doesn’t have to explain himself, which caused Vampiro to flash a funny face like he ate a warhead candy. Fly said that Sexy Star stole something from him and he wanted to do the same to her, to make her feel the pain he felt, but Vampiro thwarted his goal by stopping Pentagon Jr from doing his arm breaking thing.

Super Fly said that Vampiro was the one that saved Sexy Star from getting her arm broken which caused Vampiro to flash a smug look of smugness. Vampiro brought up that Sexy Star beat Super Fly fair and square in Luchas De Apuestas. Super Fly retorted by saying that Sexy Star should have taken the alternative route and just quit her job which would protect both Super Fly’s Mask/Soul and arm.

Vampiro reiterated that Sexy Star won fair and square. Fly said that Dario Cueto sanctioned a rematch between Sexy Star and Super Fly, and Fly demanded that Vampiro not interfere this time. Vampiro said not to worry about Vamp and instead worry about beating the person that beat him before. Super Fly said he wasn’t going to go easy on Sexy Star because she’s a woman, which he did in the last match. He said tonight, he was going to “put her in her place” (in Spanish).

1. Sexy Star vs. Super Fly. Back in the temple, Super Fly started the match with a slap to Star’s face. Star came back with a chest slap. Super Fly gained the upper hand with his quickness. Super Fly slowed things down a bit with kicks and elbow strikes. Super Fly went right for Sexy star’s mask, trying to rip it off to no avail. The ref broke the mask ripping, and Sexy Star went right back to his offense. Sexy Star came back with some combo kicks. After a pin attempt by Sexy Star, Super Fly turned the tables on offense dominating again.

Sexy Star ended the attack of Super Fly with a tightrope armdrag. Sexy Star attempted a pin again. Fly turned the tables again with a strong slap to Star’s face. Super Fly hit the ugliest looking AA like maneuver, but followed it up with a sidesplash for a nearfall. Sexy Star managed to backdrop Super Fly to the outside. Sexy Star then did a high risk fall on Super Fly. Sexy Star did a tightrope armdrag on the outside. Fly hit a soft elbow to get back in the ring. Sexy Star grounded Super Fly with a sloppy armdrag.

Sexy Star put Super Fly in the center of the ring and stomped on him. After a legdrop, Sexy Star got a nearfall of her own. Sexy Star hit northern lights Suplex for a two count. Super Fly got the advantage this time with a low kick. Super Fly hit two consecutive power bombs with the pin in the sitout position for the victory.

Super Fly defeated Sexy Star via pinfall in 6:33.

Super Fly continued to stomp on Sexy Star after the match, also trying to unmask Sexy Star. Super Fly disposed of her outside to the outside of the ring as Sexy Star shot him a look of anger. Matt Striker took us to commercial, telling us that Aztec Medallion number three would be on the line after the break in a multi-man matchup… [C]

Outside against the rising sun, Dark Knight Drago was doing katas on the roofs of Los Angeles. He was doing these katas with nunchaku and to the wub-wubs of dubstep. We were told via text on the screen that Drago prepares for battle tonight…

Melissa Santos introduced us to our next match. She had the unfortunate job of introducing Pentagon Jr. Pentagon Jr acted like a D-bag and ripped the microphone out of her hand aggressively. Pentagon Jr said he was not interested in a simple medallion. He wanted to offer his master something more valuable. He also said he’s the only luchador with Zero Fear. Pentagon said he wanted to destroy the man who took away his biggest sacrifice (sexy star). That man was Vampiro. Pentagon Jr. demanded that Vampiro enter the ring to face him.

Vampiro smirked but didn’t budge at first. Vampiro stood up when Pentagon Jr. approached him at the announcer desk. Pentagon Jr. made several attempts to goad him into a fight. Vampiro pushed back which caused the crowd to go bananas for him. Before Vampiro could get extra hype, the referee got in-between him and Pentagon Jr., which caused Pentagon Jr to retreat to the back. Vampiro sold frustration and couldn’t even put back on his headset which prompted Matt Striker to send us immediately to commercial… [C]

Matt Striker did his best and got Vampiro as calm as Vampiro could be given the situation. Pentagon was gone from the building which changed the match to a fatal four way between Marty the Moth, The Mack, “They call him” Cage, and AeroStar. Vampiro just sat there in a vegetative state…

2. AeroStar vs. Marty “The Moth” Martinez vs. Cage vs. The Mack for Aztec Medallion No. 3. The Mack went right for his rival Cage to start off the match as AeroStar and Marty watched on like buddies watching a wrestling match. AeroStar turned the buddy side-hug into a schoolboy pin attempt which Martin kicked out of. AeroStar sent Marty into the side turnbuckle with a huracanrana. Mack and Cage showcased their strength with each other. Vampiro recovered and told the fans sorry.

AeroStar and Cage carried on their own battles. Marty ended the attack of AeroStar and started to flap like a moth. Marty then went on to fly like a moth over the top rope to take down Mack and Cage. AeroStar recovered and hit a top rope senton on Cage and Marty. Cage snuck back in the ring as the other luchadores fought on the outside. AeroStar tried to springboard back in the ring but Cage caught him in powerslam position. Cage did some bicep curls with AeroStar as the weight, and then tossed him on The Mack.

Cage suplexed Marty back in the ring from the second rope to get a nearfall on Marty. Mack came back in and hit some quick offense. AeroStar took down Mack with a springboard dropkick. AeroStar hit Mack with a springboard senton to get a nearfall. Mack tried to whip Aerostar to the side but Aerostar came back with an elbow. After a Samoan Drop by mack, Mack hit AeroStar with a standing shooting Star press.

Marty the Moth hit Mack with a pump bicycle kick. Cage, on the outside, side slammed AeroStar on the ring apron. Marty quickly tried to get several pins on Mack. Mack countered a suplex of Marty, but Marty countered back with his unorthodox fighting style. Marty dragged Mack to the center of the ring and got a really close nearfall. Mack ended the moth’s offense with a pop-up elbow strike. Cage came out of nowhere with a running discus clothesline to get a nearfall on Mack. Cage went right for Marty the Moth and hit him with a TKO. AeroStar was tossed by cage but came right back at cage with dropkicks.

AeroStar and Marty teamed up to stagger Cage a bit. Cage managed to power through both luchadores. Cage neutralized Mack by throwing him on the outside turnbuckle. As both men were standing on the ring apron. Mack performed an exploder suplex on the apron. Mack went to the top rope and hit Cage with a frog splash. Marty the Moth sent to the second rope and flapped his hands like a moth. AeroStar made sure that didn’t last and ended up hitting his tightrope frankensteiner. AeroStar hit his finisher, the springboard splash, for victory.

AeroStar defeated Marty the Moth, Cage, and The Mack via pinfall in 9:06 to earn Aztec Medallion #3.

Drago vs. Mil Muertes with the title shot for Ultima Lucha on the line was up later on after the break…[C]

The Trios champions, Son of Havoc, Ivelisse, and Angelico were shown training backstage. Havoc and Ivelisse were taking their boxing practice a bit too seriously. Angelico tried to step in and be the voice of reason. Ivelisse threatened to punch Havoc. Catrina came in out of nowhere like she usually does (I bet stalker Josh Matthews wishes he had Catrina’s powers when he was WWE interviewer). Catrina teased some Hot Lesbian Action with Ivelisse while telling her that death was coming to the three of them, which couldn’t be stopped.

Catrina held up her magic rock and it shot lightning. Out of that lighting, Catrina’s three Putty Patrollers, The Disciples of Death, formed while surrounded by an aura of electricity. With their electric punches, they took down the Trios Champions. Catrina then walked out of the room with Mil Muertes by her side as the Trios Champs were on the ground motionless…

The New and Improved Drago was the first luchador out for his condendership defense. Beat Down Clan member Hernandez came out of nowhere and started beating down Drago with his belt. (Hernandez managed to make two unexpected run-ins for two different wrestling promotions on the same night!). After choking out Drago, Hernandez left the temple with a cocky look… [C]

Referee Marty Elias, was talking with Drago to see if he can still go through with the match. Drago agreed to go on with the match. Melissa Santos took the ref’s cue to introduce Mil Muertes who was accompanied by Catrina.

3. Drago vs. Mil Muertes (w/ Catrina) for a Lucha Underground Championship match at Ultima Lucha. Drago stood against the turnbuckle trying to shake off the attack of Hernandez. Mil Muertes hit several shoulder tackles on Drago in the corner. Drago tried to come back with a German Suplex, but Mil Muertes blocked it. Drago managed to block Mil Muertes’s German suplex and hit Sliced Bread #2 on him. Drago got some shots in with his feet, but Mil Muertes didn’t flinch and mounted the stomps again.

Mil wailed on Drago with rapid chest punches in the corner. Mil Muertes then attempted a Gorilla press, but Drago escaped. Drago almost got tilt-a-whirled, but managed to escape. Mil Muertes ended Drago’s quick flurry with an emphatic spear. Drago still had some fight in him as he escaped a pin attempt. Mil Muertes continued with knee strikes to the back of Drago. Mil went on to hit some chops on Drago. Drago got a glimpse of hope by huracanrana-ing Mil Muertes to the outside. Mil was taken down with a Drago crossbody.

Mil Muertes recovered quickly and pushed Drago in the turnbuckle. After the front row audience members cleared, Drago was sent flying into the seats. Mil Muertes then broke several wooden chairs on Drago. Vampiro said Mil was “beating the Sh*t out of the building and the dragon”. Drago laid under a bunch of broken wood. Drago got out of the wood, but Mil speared him into the rusty barricade.

Mil Muertes took the action back into the ring. After absorbing the spiritual energy of his surroundings, according to Striker, Mil dragged Drago to the announce table. Mil Muertes powerbombed Drago on the table. Mil Muertes slammed his fist into the center of the Aztec seal in the middle of the ring. Mil dragged a weakened Drago back in the ring, and Drago assured the crowd that there was still some hope for him with subtle hand motions. Drago got another window of hope after a feint kick. Drago planted Mil Muertes with a springboard DDT.

Mil Muertes sat up, Undertaker Style. Drago tried to hit his Dragon’s Lair finisher, but Mil Muertes rolled through and started to run a ground and pound attack on the heroic Drago. Drago tried to crawl to the ropes but Mil was too powerful. Mil Muertes held Drago really close and hit the Flatliner for the victory.

Mil Muertes defeated Drago via pinfall in 9:20 to earn a Lucha Underground Championship match at Ultima Lucha.

Catrina crawled in the ring and gave Drago her signature lick of death. Catrina and Mil then shared a kiss in the ring as she held up her magic death rock. From the top entrance, Prince Puma and Konnan came out. Prince Puma tried to enter the ring, but Konnan held him back. This ended Lucha Underground.

Character development is something we got a good look at in this episode and I almost like to compare the “leveling up” mechanic to a show like Dragonball Z. Drago and Mil are great examples, since “returning” they’ve both came back with new, evolved looks. The looks aren’t just cosmetic, as it has given them next-level powers that make them stronger than they started. Not to mention, Mil Muertes definitely looks much more like a monster now, where the first version of him looked like a more generic luchador than El Generico and it look like he wore pajama pants. It’s not just those two, Lucha Underground does this all across the board; just look at Vampiro, Pentagon, and Super Fly tonight too.

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