Lyon owner John Textor: “I don’t like the multi-club structure label.”

Speaking in an official interview with Olympique Lyonnais’ media team, owner John Textor said that he does not like to use the term “multi-club structure” to describe his financial involvement in football, and specifically his ownership of Lyon. The 57-year old is the co-owner of Premier League side Crystal Palace as well as the majority shareholder of Brazilian side Botafogo and Belgian team RWD Molenbeek. 

During the interview, Textor argued that the term “multi-club structure” does not fit his ownership model, but admits that “we’re called a multi-club because there’s no other word for what we do.”

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He argues that the goal of MCO ownership is to create “synergies” and aims to “become more efficient, save money, get joint sponsor deals” in what Textor labels as “merger mentality”.

The American then went on to say “that’s not me, that’s not why I did this,” arguing that he sees “collaboration between clubs as a supplement for competitive strategy.”

He finishes off his statement by referring to fans not caring about other clubs owned by Eagle Football, “If fans in Lyon say they don’t care about football in Brazil, that’s totally fine. If they want to only be interested in their team in France then they can and should continue to feel this way.”

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