Man Kills Friend Over Financial Dispute, Falls To Death While Trying To Throw The Body In Amboli Ghat

In a rather unusual twist of fate, a man who committed a murder ended up killing himself while trying to hide evidence of his crime.

Bhauso Mane, a resident of Karad in Satara district of Maharashtra, died on Sunday after he slipped and fell into the Amboli ghat in Sindhudurg district.


Travelled 400kms to cover up murder

According to the police, Mane and another person, identified as Tushar Pawar, had travelled some 400kms to reach Amboli ghat to dispose of the body of a man he had killed.

Sushant Khillare, also a resident of Karad, was killed by the duo after some dispute over a money transaction on Sunday. The pair then decided to dump the body in Amboli ghat.

But while dumping the body, Mane lost his balance, fell down along with the corpse, and died.

Two bodies found 10 feet apart

Mane’s friend, Pawar, who had a narrow escape, got scared and drove to a nearby temple, from where he called up his family and confessed about their crime.

The murder came to light on Tuesday after a local spotted one of the bodies and informed the police.

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Later the police team found two bodies, about 10 feet from each other, 150ft downhill.


Favourite spot for dumping bodies  

“Amboli ghat receives the highest rainfall across the state and was once infamous for being a ‘favourable spot’ for dumping bodies. Two more bodies were dumped in the area in the past three years. Since then, a number of CCTVs have been installed across the tourist footfall route,” a police official told The Times of India.

Amboli Ghat, located on the way from Kolhapur to Sawantwadi, is a highly sought-after tourist attraction in Maharashtra.


It is also a dangerous area; in the past, many tourists died there after falling accidentally.

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