Miesha Tate Comments on Ronda Rousey / Becky Lynch Twitter Posts

During her SiriusXM show, MMA Tonight, on Wednesday (Mar. 6), former UFC women’s bantamweight champion and longtime Ronda Rousey rival, Miesha Tate, took a look at the recent Twitter war between Ronda Rousey and Becky Lynch. You can listen to some audio from Tate’s show discussing the subject below:
“Ronda’s saying to Becky, ‘Hey! Your armbar looks like the d*** you wish you had!’ I mean that’s literally what she says to her. And then Becky hilariously takes Travis Browne’s face and pastes it onto the fist of the armbar. She’s [Becky] like, ‘Huh. Now that you mention it, it does look like a d***.’ I know for a fact that burnt Ronda’s cookies. It really — it got under her skin ’cause I know about this. You don’t talk about her family, you don’t talk about this, even if you’re just joking. She does not have a sense of humor, and therefore s*** got real. When Ronda called her [Becky Lynch] out by her real name, Rebecca Quin, Ronda is pissed. Ronda is not joking. She’s not playing games. She’s not used t having to play by rules. She never had to before. Why is she gonna now? She’s already broken the rule with the F-word, saying some things are ‘fake.’ She’s not a company woman. She never has been.”
Miesha Tate previously fought Ronda Rousey twice in MMA (once in Strikeforce and once in the UFC), losing both fights via submission. Their fight is ultimately what convinced Dana White to bring women’s MMA into the UFC. They also coached against each other on The Ultimate Fighter.

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