MLW Fusion results: Salina de la Renta is in charge

This week was a special edition of Fusion as Salina de la Renta was in charge. The matches were taped in October at the famous 2300 Arena in Philadelphia, plus a special showing of Volador Jr. vs. Rocky Romero from CMLL NJPW Fantastica Mania from June this year. Joe Dombrowski and Matt Striker announced the matches.

Jesus Rodriguez, the master of ceremonies for the night, introduced Salina but she was quickly interrupted by Ichiban and his interpreter looking for a shot at Romero and the MLW Middleweight title. Instead of Romero, Ichiban was forced to face Rodriguez immediately.

Ichiban defeated Jesus Rodriguez w/Salina de la Renta

Ichiban continued his quest for the heavily hinted Middleweight title shot by extending his undefeated streak to four wins. He previously put away Tracy Williams, Nolo Kitano and Love Doug, and took little time to put away Rodriguez here.

To give him credit, Jesus did keep Ichiban floored initially by using his size advantage to slow the pace. Salina also got her shots in from ringside when she could. She distracted Ichiban with powder and then choked him on the ropes behind the referee’s back.

Ichiban made a brief comeback with a jawbreaker and missile dropkick but Rodriguez floored him again. Rodriguez missed a middle rope moonsault, which let Ichiban come back again with a bulldog and his face-first finisher to pick up the pinfall win.

– After the match Romero and Janai Kai jumped Ichiban and Romero dropped him back first onto a seated chair.

– Salina had some big news about the upcoming MLW Fightland show. She announced that Romero would team with CMLL Light Heavyweight champion Barbaro Cavernario to take on Mascarada Dorada 2.0 and Ichiban. Plus she later announced that Jacob Fatu would challenge Alex Kane for the MLW World title at Fightland.

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Highlights of Rocky Romero defeating Volador Jr to retain the CMLL World Historic Welterweight title (taped in Arena Mexico in June 2023 at CMLL NJPW Fantastica Mania).

– Salina introduced the new MLW Featherweight champion “Kick Demon” Janai Kai, fresh from defeating Delmi Exo for the title at MLW Slaughterhouse. We saw a highlight video of Kai’s array of kicks and strikes.

– Delmi Exo then confronted Salina backstage and said she will get her rematch. The cameras followed Salina where she then met Mister Saint Laurent as they brokered a deal: Salina got exclusive documents from when MSL was MLW Vice President, and MSL got a guaranteed title shot for a member of his World Titan Federation whenever he wanted.

– Mance Warner and 1 Called Manders were drinking beers in the parking lot and talking about their title shot next week. Salina interrupted but she was then interrupted by Jacob Fatu who ended up getting a future dream match in Mexico against Mistico.

– MLW World Heavyweight champion Alex Kane met with Salina for the big Fightland announcement. Salina brought out Kane’s next challenger, Jacob Fatu. The two went face-to-face as the crowd chanted “Holy Sh*t” and Fusion went off the air.

Next week:

– The Second Gear Crew (Matthew Justice and 1 Called Manders) will challenge The Calling (AKIRA and Ricky Shane Page) for the MLW Tag Team Titles in a tag team tables match.

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