More on Jim Johnston, Cena Apologizes to Ford, Smackdown's 1000th Episode

— The 1000th episode of Smackdown is scheduled to take place on October 16, 2018 and it is expected that WWE will make that a major show, much like they are doing with the Raw 25th anniversary show in January. Both shows are likely to do big viewership numbers and in the case of the Smackdown 1000th episode, it will be only five days before a Raw brand PPV, meaning there is a good chance Raw wrestlers will be on the show to promote their storylines heading into the PPV.

— In a bit of clarification on long time WWE music composer, Jim Johnston – he technically wasn’t released from his contract but the company chose not to renew him after his current deal expires. He had been with WWE for over 30 years.

— John Cena, who was sued by Ford, has apologized to the company and has said that he’s willing to work together with them to figure something out.