Motorists In Navi Mumbai Shocked As Speed Display Board Flashes Hindi Expletives

Motorists crossing the Nerul stretch of Palm Beach Road in Navi Mumbai were in for a strange experience on Wednesday. They were appalled when they noticed that the regular speed limit board displayed expletives in Hindi.

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Video of the electronic board clicked by some of the drivers gained traction on Twitter. The board, meant to caution motorists to drive under the speed limit of 60km, seemingly showed cuss words.

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Civic officials hastily switched off board

Following the awkward incident, the civic officials of Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation (NMMC) hastily cut off the power supply to the display board in the evening.

In response to the incident, a civic official from the engineering department said the matter is being probed. On the other hand, the Navi Mumbai Police said that the complaint was relayed to the concerned cyber unit and police station.

 “We have forwarded this complaint to concerned cyber unit and police station,” the Navi Mumbai Police tweeted.

RTI activist demands inquiry

“Somebody has played a mischief; which is why this electronic display board was actually showing vulgar abuses to the motorists. I have also personally informed the NMMC engineering department about it. A video about this display board has also gone viral, and some citizens have also sent it to a few officials at Mantralaya,” Anarjit Chauhan, an RTI activist, told TOI. 

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The activist demanded a proper inquiry into this issue and insisted on action against whoever was responsible for feeding the vulgar text on the display board.

“It was comical and yet unfortunate to read such words on the display board. The text on the board first curtly termed the motorists as a male anatomy part, and questioned them why they were staring at the board; and then continued to abuse them while asking them to get lost. Hope the author behind this creative writing is caught soon,” a Vashi-based citizen told TOI.

Similar incident from 2022

A similar incident from Mumbai was reported in December 2022.

 An LED board near the Haji Ali-Lotus junction, which was meant to dispatch traffic information and messages such as “Don’t Drink & Drive” and “No Smoking”, instead started relaying messages such as “Smoke Weed”. 

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