Nautilus Holds Grand Opening In Milford

MILFORD, CT – A new restaurant has opened in Walnut Beach, which owners said has been a year in the making.

“I’m very excited, and it was a long time coming,” Crystal Ardito-Meyer said, a co-owner of Nautilus. “Today is exactly one year from when Nick Amoratis and I developed the name sitting in my kitchen.”

Nautilus, located at 54 Naugatuck Ave., had its grand opening on Wednesday, April 26, which elected officials, friends, family and the Walnut Beach community attended.

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“I’m thankful for everybody who has been here for us and our friends and family who have helped to actually get Nautilus where it is and thankful for the community who have always supported us,” said Ardito-Meyer

Mayor Ben Blake said Nautilus adds to the beachside dining experience at Walnut Beach.

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“I wish you many years of successful dining in Walnut Beach, in a community with a lot of energy and surrounded by great neighbors,” he said.

Aldermen Brett Broesdar (D), who represents the 3rd District, said small businesses like Nautilus are important to Milford’s economy.

“The opening of Nautilus is a big win for our neighborhood, adding to an already bustling small business community,” he said. “I highly encourage folks across Milford and beyond to check Nautilus out; their food, atmosphere and staff are top-notch.”

The journey for co-owners Amoratis and Ardito-Meyer started on April 26, 2022, when the duo had the conversation to open an establishment called Nautilus.

“Basically, we wanted to renovate this spot we are in now and make it something completely different than it was before,” Amoratis said.

Before their grand opening, the co-owners had a soft opening of Nautilus in March.

“We wanted to work out any imperfections that we had and try to get everything perfect from the menu, drinks behind the bar, decor, paintings, and furniture,” Amoratis said.

It wasn’t an easy road for Amoratis and Ardito-Meyer to get to the point of having a grand opening.

“Whenever problems arose, or problems arose, we would put our heads together, work with our team, and figure it out,” said Ardito-Meyer.

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“Throughout last year, we were dealing with some challenges regarding getting materials and things like that with COVID and material delays,” Amoratis said. “But family, friends, the neighborhood and the city helped us get through some of those times.”

>>>View the Nautilus menu here.

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