New surface at Silverstone to wreak havoc on F1 lap times

Formula 1 drivers will likely lap Silverstone one second faster at this year’s British Grand Prix, thanks to the track’s recent resurfacing.

A push from MotoGP promoter Dorna to have several bumps removed from parts of the track prompted Silverstone’s owners to undertake in February a complete renovation of its surface.

“When we looked at it, the asphalt at Silverstone hadn’t been re-laid since 1996,” explained Silverstone managing director Stuart Pringle.

“The surface was looking a bit patchwork, so we decided to resurface the whole thing while we had the chance, and we have gone for the best surface we can.

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“Some of the bumps have been removed too, and we are looking at a lap time gain of about one second per lap for an F1 car.

“All the categories that compete on the GP track will be able to circulate at lap record pace – and it will offer more grip in the wet as well.

“It is an exciting development for Silverstone.”

Formula 1’s higher downforce cars which were introduced last year already shed three seconds off their 2016 lap times, but Pringle is expecting a further reduction in time thanks to Silverstone’s smooth new surface.

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“F1 teams spend millions of pounds looking for a one-second-per lap improvement, but we have been able to deliver one with the work that we have done in February,” Pringle added.

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