Next AEW TV deal will be “historic” says Tony Khan


Tony Khan says that the next television deal for AEW will be a historic one.

In a New York Post interview, Khan spoke about the importance of the next TV rights deal for the company and that they are positioned well to secure on that is impactful on the business.

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“I’m incredibly grateful every day that AEW has this great relationship with Warner Bros. Discovery and we’ve done well for TBS and TNT with “Dynamite” and “Rampage” where we’re a strong performer for Warner Bros Discovery on a weekly basis,” Khan said of his television partners. “I think there is still a lot of time left for the next rights deal, but we have a great thing happening right now and I do believe our future media rights will be important and frankly a very large revenue stream for AEW going forward, and I think that’s because of the great support we’ve had from the fans and the hard work of everybody backstage and the wrestlers every Wednesday and Friday, pulling it together and delivering great shows.

“Whenever our next media rights deal kicks in, it will be historic,” Khan said. “It will be recorded in history because everything in wrestling is recorded in history into posterity. It will make history however it goes. Right now, everyone would expect very, very well. We expect it’s going to go very well for us based on how strong we’ve been performing.”

Prior to 2022, Khan negotiated an updated deal with Warner that moved AEW Dynamite to TBS and added the Rampage property to AEW’s weekly cadence of shows.

AEW started running their flagship, Dynamite, program on TNT since October of 2019.

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