NJPW Strong Independence Day Night 2 result – Jon Moxley vs. El Desperado Final Death match


Jon Moxley beat El Desperdo in a Final Death Match at NJPW Strong Independence Day Night 2.

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Going into the match, the idea was that Desperado wanted to test himself in this enviroment against Moxley. Desperado had already beaten Moxley in a tag match the previous night when teamed with Jun Kasai to beat Moxley & Homicide. The crowd was red hot for this match right from the introductions, which saw both men come out through the crowd to enter a ring full of plunder and several barbed wire boards.

This match was unlike most NJPW main events, but it worked for the electric crowd in Korakuen Hall. It looked like Moxley was going to pitch a shutout, as Desperado just could not get on track for the first half of the match. Moxley sent Desperado through multiple tables and barbed wire boards. He also viciously attacked him with a fork.

Desperado got on a roll and mounted a big comeback. Moxley managed to hit a Death Rider on him, but he kicked out at the very last second and the fans went crazy. Eventually El Desperado went for his Pinche Loco finish twice, but Moxley countered the second one and hit a Death Rider for the win.

After the match, Moxley cut a promo calling Korakuen Hall the heartbeat of professional wrestling. He said he was born again as a wrestler performing in Korakuen Hall three years ago and he promised the fans as long as his heart was beating he would come back to NJPW and Korakuen Hall to conclude the show.

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