NZA New Zealand Auckland expands

Besides the Benelux, Germany, Austria and Switzerland, Spain is

now added to the countries where NZA is currently being sold. The complete new showroom in Barcelona was opened recently and reflects the complete atmosphere of New Zealand Auckland.

In the middle of 2009, the launch of NZA in Italy and Scandinavia will take place.

To serve the existing clients in the right NZ atmosphere, the brand has opened 5 new showrooms in the month of January of which 4 are in new locations.

Since the initial launch of NZA at the end of 2006, the brand has been an international success that breathes fresh air into the fashion industry. NZA can be found amongst high-end international players.

At the Amsterdam Head Quarters, an extra 400m2 Fagship Showroom has been added.
The new shop systems that are available for shop-in-shop and monobrand venues are suitable for both smaller and larger surfaces. From €1600,00 up an NZA shop system can be implemented in order to integrate the full NZA atmosphere. The newest fitting is a stand alone unit that can be used in every thinkable shop situation.

The collection itself has matured and contains more styles then ever before.

Delivery times are July and September. In the month of April, the Fall collection will be available, to be delivered in October. Besides styles where logo’s are prominent, NZA also offers a more quiet selection with refined detailing. Of course the successful NZA handwriting is still guaranteed in both the expressive and subtle styles.

Besides the Long Sleeve Polo’s and Shirts, the extent of the Knitwear collection has tripled. Jacks, Bodywarmers and Vests contain even more exclusive details. To complete the total lifestyle look of NZA, a strong denim collection has been launched.

In past seasons, NZA has concluded that our collections are especially recognized for their colourfulness. To guarantee and optimize a good sell throughout, the focus for the new AW09 program is continuing with the use of bright colours!

The pallet of colours contains, next to primary colours, a fine selection of powder varieties.

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These’s are the colours that are used;
ecru/grey mélange/navy,
yellow/navy, navy/pink,
petrol blue/navy,
antra mélange/light purple/navy,

NZA embraces a clear strategy and vision, whilst working with a unique market approach.
After a period of build-up, the brand is now ready to take the step to a new level.

The signals are green on the continued development as a well-known global brand, a brand with attractive sales margins and an incomparable positive image.

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