Here Are The 10 Stages Of Getting Drunk On A Friday Night!

It’s Friday, and we all know what that means. Some of you will be hitting your favourite watering holes for a bit of liquid courage. And while it’s great to have a good time with your friends, the important thing is to enjoy yourself responsibly, have a designated driver, and keep our streets safe forRead moreRead more

CISF Officer Goes Out Of His Way To Help Passenger, Teaches Everyone The True Meaning Of Dedication

Preconceived notions about men in khaki are rampant. More often than not people either do not trust them or just assume that they are inefficient. But this particular CISF officer is trumping this perception with his kind gesture.  On Monday, a Twitter user named Anubhav K Sharma shared a heartwarming story. After he landed at theRead moreRead more

You Need To Read About The Slit-Mouthed Woman – Japan’s Scariest Urban Legend

Japan has the creepiest, scariest urban legend and it’s called Kuchisake Onna. If this slit-mouthed woman doesn’t scare you, then we don’t know what will. As kids, we all heard urban legend stories, that we almost believed to be true. While the concept of the urban legend says that it’s just a modern folklore consisting fictionalRead moreRead more

17 Signs That Doomsday Is Closer Than You Think

As citizens of this planet, we have failed miserably.  Mountains of toxic garbage, large-scale deforestation, contamination of water, eroding mountains, ravaging the earth’s core, we have done everything fuelled by greed and the urge for profit. We’ve tested our planet’s limit, produced beyond our capacity and caused irreversible damage.  While climate change has been aRead moreRead more

13 Signs You Are Loving Your Job, Even If It Doesn’t Feel That Way

You spend most of your waking hours at work and so, it’s important to know that you are in the right job. Being stuck in a role that doesn’t suit your capabilities might leave you feeling unfulfilled. However, at times, you may not see the obvious – that you have landed a great job andRead moreRead more

Couples Who Drink Together, Stay Together & 8 Other Facts We Found About Successful Relationships

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11 Graduates Who Quit Lucrative Jobs To Pursue Their Dreams

The biggest perk of graduating from India’s top engineering and management schools is that it guarantees a corner office. IIT or IIM graduates always grab the most lucrative offers, making the rest of us mortals look like duds in comparison. But not every graduate sticks to the original job offer he was awarded with. TheyRead moreRead more

This Guy Is Replying To People’s 5-Year-Old Tweets And It’s SO Hilarious (And Random)

Do you remember the promises you had made and the aspirations you had five years ago? No? Well, if you had put it up on Twitter, there’s a chance a guy who goes by the name @zipoffs might remind you about the random goals you set for yourselves. Zipoffs has taken upon himself to remind peopleRead moreRead more

Meet 17 People Who Collect The Strangest Things In This World

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11 Unbelievable (And Bizarre) Business Ideas That Actually Worked

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